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Consider, if you will, the corner.

Every room has one – in fact, most of them have at least four. They’re inescapable and largely inoffensive, and yet people never seem to consider them highly. Being “sent to the corner” was considered a punishment in the olden days, and a lot of people consider anything left in the corner of a room to be forgotten and discarded, collecting dust until the next garage sale rolls around. 

It doesn’t have to be like this, though! Corners are actually a great source of untapped organizational and storage space, no matter what room they’re in. To help you make the most of these unloved spaces, we’ve found four rooms with corners that go sadly neglected, and how you can use them to your advantage:

How to use Kitchen Corners:

  • To maximize potential seating, set up a small end table and a few chairs (or a small banquette) in the corner to free up room around the dinner table itself.
  • Up to some bigger remodeling? Corners are a great place to install a range to save space elsewhere. If you have enough space for the vent hood and all the needed electrical hookups, the corner can let you maximize counter and sink space elsewhere.
  • If your countertop ends in a corner near a window, this is an ideal place for a kitchen cabinet. Get something with a window or an open display and set up your favorite plates and mugs. It’ll serve as both a handy storage solution and as a great display piece for some of your fancier flatware.
  • Even if you can’t squeeze a cabinet in there, a corner provides a convenient and natural division point for floating shelves to support plates or even just some decorative touches while keeping them safely out of the way of the rest of the kitchen. 

How to use Living Room Corners:

  • To start off with the easiest solution, sectional couches are pretty much designed for corners. Set a sectional couch right around the corner, slide a coffee table in front of it, and move the rest of the living room around as needed. You’ll be much more comfortable when it’s all done.
  • The corner is also a good place for the focal point of living rooms, if the design allows for it. Instead of placing a hearth or TV stand right in the middle of the room, add it to a corner to allow for a more natural ‘flow’ and attract attention more easily than you could if it was in the center, where most people keep it.
  • Always wanted some potted plants but never knew where to keep them? Set up something light, like corner wire shelves, and grow a few different kinds of plants to green up the place a little bit.

How to use Closet Corners:

  • Now, depending on the design of your closet, “closet corners” can go two ways: either the actual corners of your closet, or a closet designed to fit into a corner specifically. Following us so far?
  • For closets built into corners, the best way to make the most of the space is with a ton of shelves and wall racks. freedomRail shelves are a great way to easily install extra shelves into the corner either above or below your main clothes rack, and extra hanging racks for everything that needs to stay on hangers.
  • Standard closets that need help with their corners should do the opposite: a lot of space can be gained by looking down at the floor, not up towards the ceiling. Get some closet storage bins to stack on top of one another in the closet to hold smaller items like shoes, or if you have the space to fit extra drawers or boxes down below, the corner is a good place to keep these without running out of space.

How to use Bedroom Corners:

  • If you’re the sort that subscribes to feng shui, design principles dictate that the energy in a bedroom flows best when you can see the door. Angling a bed into the corner is the best way to see the door and allow for reorganized storage through the rest of the house, such as allowing for more storage space behind the headboard.
  • Are you the sort that needs to read a little before bed? (Don’t worry, most of us are too!) A corner is a good place to take two bookcases and angle them in an L shape to let you keep books, collectibles, and whatever else you want to store safe and out of the way.
  • Looking for a spot to put a small home office? Corners are a great place to set up a little work nook with just enough space for a lamp and a laptop (which is really all you need, right?) without taking space away from the rest of the home.

Hopefully these will get you thinking a little differently about corners and help organize your home a little better!

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