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rearrange your room during the pandemic


Okay, so we’re all stuck inside right now trying desperately to find something to keep ourselves occupied and keep our mind off everything going on.

While it might be hard to find the motivation at times, dealing with a stay-at-home order can be a great opportunity to handle some of those bigger chores you’ve been putting off lately. A perfect example of this is rearranging your furniture!


Rearranging the furniture in a space can really help make it feel bigger than it used to, and add a whole new vibe and feeling to your rooms. Big visual changes like this are also shown in many cases to reduce stress by decreasing the amount of visual clutter in an area, as well as creating a feeling of well-being and productivity.

So if you’ve got the time and energy during quarantine to tackle another big project, let’s give this one a shot!


Rearrange Your Furniture During Quarantine


All good room layouts start by defining a focal point. The focal point should be the area around which the rest of the room design is centered, but it doesn’t always have to be the center. For example, if you’re working on your living room, and you know your family tends to spend a lot of time in there watching TV or playing video games, then you might actually consider the focal point to be the entertainment center or TV stand, as the rest of the furniture will need to be arranged for optimal TV viewing. On the other hand, bedrooms tend to use the bed as a focal point with which to direct the placement of the bedroom dressers and nightstands, since the primary aim of the bedroom is, well, sleeping!


Once the focal point has been selected, the next step is to try different layouts. In interior design, as in many things in life, your first idea might not always be your best. Take some time to play with the layouts a bit! If you don’t like where you put the coffee table at first, go ahead and move it – the whole room is your canvas! You have nothing but time, and it’s not like you’re a professional. (Unless you are a professional, in which case we’re flattered you came to us for advice but you might want to just defer to your clients on this one!)


Remember what we said earlier about reducing visual clutter? Now is a perfect time to declutter your sightline for a more stress-free room. Studies have shown that if there’s too much stuff in your immediate field of vision, it can prove to be distracting and cause increased stress and anxiety. (This goes double for the bedroom, since you’re just trying to fall asleep in there!) Use this as an opportunity to move some things out to the garage and get rid of any immediate junk or clutter in the vicinity – you might not miss those souvenirs from vacation as much as you’re expecting!


Once all this is done, you’ll want to make sure everything is in its own zone. Certain furniture pieces such as bookcases can work excellently as room delineators, allowing you to further segment things like seating, storage, and table space into their own little areas to make sure everything flows naturally and takes up as little space as possible.

After that? Sit back, enjoy your handiwork, and maybe you’ll stay a little more sane throughout quarantine!

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