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keeping entryway clean


The entryway is a room that can get cluttered pretty easily even during the best of times, so dealing with a dirty entryway during quarantine can be a whole other issue.

While it might not be anyone’s highest priority right now, there’s actually a lot of ways that a well-organized entryway can help prevent the further spread of germs and dirt throughout the house. By taking a little time to reorganize your entryway and provide additional storage for needed items, you can help keep your entryway clean and your family a little more safe from disease:


Disinfect anything coming into the home: The first step for a clean entryway is to make sure your family can clean anything they’re bringing into the home for the first time. Set up a few plastic storage bins, wire shelves, or anything else that can stay germ-resistant in the entryway to briefly hold onto anything you’ve had to buy or otherwise bring into the home. Once it’s there, wipe it down with your favorite disinfectant wipes or spray, and let it dry before it comes the rest of the way into the house.


Keep dirty shoes organized: Not only can dirty shoes track mud into the house, they can also bring contaminants and other unpleasant visitors. Make sure your entryway has enough shoe storage to keep dirty boots from bringing mud into the house, and make sure the shoes and your shoe racks are both cleaned often enough to prevent bringing anything along.


Trash can, close at hand: Anything that needs to be thrown out in the entryway should be prevented from being brought into the house. Set up a trash can or recycle bin right by the door to dispose of anything you might need to throw out before it can come into the house and come in contact with anything else of yours.


A home for dirty clothes: Things like coats and hats, especially in the colder states where you may still need a protective layer of warmth outside, will need to be kept in the entryway to prevent the accidental spread of germs elsewhere. Make sure to set up enough entryway coat hooks to help keep your outerwear safely removed from the rest of the house, and create a place for gloves and hats to go as needed.


Wash your hands before you get inside: Even if you didn’t come into contact with a lot while you were out of the house, setting up some hand sanitizer in the entryway is a great way to make sure your hands are clean before you touch anything further inside the house.


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum: Finally, cleaning the entryway should take priority over a lot else in your home just to make sure nothing is missed. Vacuum every rug, wipe down every surface, and remember to keep the door closed!

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