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Wire shelving is as easy to take apart as it is to put together. Just follow these easy steps!

A mallet: Wire Shelving’s BFF!

You will need:

  • A rubber mallet

1: Flip it over (recommended)

Let gravity be your aid! Carefully flip your unit. Grab on to the top and slowly walk it down to the ground. Then, grab the bottom and walk it upright again. It will make the following steps much easier!
2. Remove top shelf
Strike down on the top shelf’s corners with a rubber mallet to loosen the shelf from the shelf clips. It helps to apply pressure with your other hand (far away from the mallet!) to keep the shelf from getting re-stuck.

3. Remove shelf clips

Once the shelf is free, remove the shelf clips. They simply snap off. This will allow you to lift the shelf off of the posts.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 for remaining shelves

TIP: If your unit is 64″ high or taller, your posts can be unscrewed at the halfway point. This makes it easier to raise shelves off the posts.
The bottom shelf is the easiest to lift off – no mallet needed. Just step on the side of the shelf and pull out the posts. If you have stubborn posts, try to twist as you pull up.

And there you have it – your shelving unit should now be disassembled, ready for its next job!

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