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We here at The Shelving Store search far and wide to bring you the best and most useful wire shelving accessories made by man.

However, one area we’ve been lacking thus far is in accessories for Brontos. Now, I have been single-handedly fighting for the production of Bronto accoutrements for some time, but sadly, to no avail.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a box labeled “New Accessory.” I carefully picked the lock of duct tape upon the cardboard treasure chest until – alas – my prize was revealed.

I shielded my eyes as an overwhelming, gleaming chrome light consumed me. When they adjusted I saw exactly what this new accessory was for – the 5 spiked rungs, the 1″ diameter cylinder, and the 14″ length…it could only be one thing, the thing I’ve been hoping for most-dearly: a Stegosaurus Converter for our Office Brontos.

I darted back to the e-commerce department with glee and fetched the nearest Bronto. Sure enough, it was a perfect fit. My little Office Bronto was now certifiably “steggy.”

Drawn to my excitement like a lioness to a limping antelope, a colleague of mine asked what the fuss was about. With wide eyes and bated breath I presented  her my successfully-converted Stegosaurus. “It’s here.” I whispered, “It’s a Christmas miracle.”

She raised her brow and shot me a look as her claws snatched my beloved Stegosaurus right from my trembling hands. With one swift movement the brace was off, instantly converting my dear dino into a regular old Brontosaurus.

To my confusion, she then grabbed a wire shelving post and a split sleeve. I watched in a mix of disbelief and horror as she attached the sleeve to the post and then slapped on the Bronto Converter. 

It fit. Oh God did it fit. One could say that it fit that post better than the neck of an Office Bronto. I wouldn’t say that, but someone could.

That was the day I lost my innocence, I remember it well – it happened last week. Occasionally, I’ll run into the Bronto Con–ahemSloped Hanger Rail in the Accessory section or in the warehouse. We smile, nod knowingly, and then go on our separate ways.


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