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maximize corner wire shelving


The corners are one of the most promising areas in your home, when it comes to storage.

Since most shelves and cabinets are designed to go along the flat spaces on our walls, the corners tend to go unutilized. But there’s actually a lot of storage space that can be gleaned through the right use of shelving, and corner wire shelves can be the perfect solution!

Corner shelves come in a number of different styles and sizes, all of which can prove useful in different situations. Before you set off to start setting up corner shelves in your house, use our tips to figure out exactly how you should use them – and where they can be most helpful!


Organizing With Corner Shelving


The first step to effective corner shelving usage is getting proper measurements. Corner shelving comes in a number of different sizes, but typically has either an 18” or 24” radius, and understanding how much space you have in your corners will influence the rest of the decisions you make. Smaller shelves will obviously take up less space, so a smaller radius may be ideal for cramped rooms or tighter corners, whereas the bigger shelves might be more helpful down in the basement.

There’s a lot of math involved here, sadly, but it’s worth it. After the calculations are done, you’ll want to start deciding exactly how your shelves will be used.


  • Are your shelves the standalone type, or are they being mounted as corner wall shelves?
  • Will these shelves be used for decoration? A common sight for corner shelves is to support decorations, pictures, vacation souvenirs, and the like. Decorative shelves can be used a little more fast-and-loosely, as the space demands won’t be as high as if they’re being used for more practical purposes.
  • Are you keeping food on them? The kitchen is one of the first places we tend to run out of storage space, and corner shelves can be a great way to store excess goods that didn’t quite make it into the cabinets or pantry. Try to keep these shelves away from too much direct heat or sunlight in order to curb potential spoilage of your food.
  • Will you use them to store heavier items, like tools? Corner shelves can find themselves easily at home inside a garage, basement, or workshop that needs a little more storage space. If you go this route, just make sure to not overload or unbalance the shelves with too many heavy goods to prevent damage or injury.
  • Will they be child-safe? For homes with very small children, you may want to plan your use of corner shelves around them so they don’t grab something they shouldn’t, or injure themselves by bumping into the hard corners. You may want to consider mounting your shelves up out of their reach, or moving them into another room that they normally don’t spend time in.


Once you’ve answered these questions, your corner shelves should find themselves a welcome addition to your home!

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