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organize your hallway table


Consider, if you will, the humble hallway table.

Often used as a home for treasured family photos and/or your favorite flower vase, the hallway table can actually be a lot more versatile than you expect. (For starters, it probably isn’t even in your hallway, as it can easily wind up in your foyer or entryway – confusing, right?)

However, these tables can actually serve a number of purposes, and can actually do a lot to help your home get organized. If you have a hallway table that has a little extra room to spare, you might just be able to use it to organize something else!


Use Your Hallway Table For Organization


Book storage: Running out of space on your bookcases, but you still have a few favorite tomes to show around? Use an end table in your entryway or hallway to display your favorite book series in a way that’s a little more eye-catching – and a little more space saving – than just cramming them back into your bookcase.


A ‘drop zone’ for keys and purses: As mentioned above, most hallway tables tend to end up in an entryway or a foyer. (This doesn’t explain why they’re still called “hallway tables”, but hey, who knows with this kind of thing!) This creates a perfect landing spot to set up some coat hooks to give everyone a place to leave their keys, wallets, and purses until you need them again. The table itself creates a great visual focal point so you always remember where they go – and where they’ll be when you’re rushing out the door!


Bowls for keys and loose change: Of course, if you’ve already got somewhere for your wallet to go, then the flat surface of your hallway table can still serve as a home for your keys, spare change, guitar picks, or any of the other crud your family has in their pockets. Grab a large decorative bowl, and watch as all your extra quarters save up for a fun family outing – or maybe just pizza night! (If bowls aren’t quite your look, you could also try desk organizers!)


Shoe storage underneath: The top of the table doesn’t have to do all the work. The space underneath can be a perfect place to tuck away a shoe rack to help keep your favorite sneakers organized and put away.


Wine displays: Of course, sometimes you just want to use a hallway table to show off a little bit. By using tabletop wine racks, you can display some of your favorite bottles as decoration – or keep them close at hand for when you’re entertaining company!


However you use your hallway table, the extra space and organization it offers you can come in more handy than you expect.

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