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These days, it’s hard to resist the siren song of bulk goods stores like Costco and Sam’s Club – but it can be harder to know where you’re supposed to keep everything!

Everyone loves knowing they’ve saved some money, not to mention the allure of knowing you may never run out of toilet paper again, but the mistake a lot of us make is buying this stuff without knowing exactly where you’re going to put it. After a successful shopping spree at your local bulk store, it can be a little disheartening to get home and not be too sure where you can keep that fifty-pound dog food bag, or that 200-count pack of bottled water you just brought in the house.

The next time you head on down to Costco to try and save yourself a little money (or just to buy five pounds of pre-made macaroni and cheese), here’s a couple storage tips that might make the whole thing that much easier on you!


Find new homes for everything: A lot of bulk groceries, like that five-pound bag of quinoa, look much less intimidating once they’re out of the original packaging. For dry goods that can be stored safely outside of their original box, bag, or packaging, get some plastic food storage goods (or even a storage bin with a lid in extreme cases) and take everything out of the package they came in. This can help you use them more easily and give you a better idea of how much you have left.


Organize those pantries: Pantries are a common place for bulk goods like sacks of flour and the 90 cans of soda you just bought, but they can start to run out of space pretty fast if you’re not careful. Set up pantry organizers to help separate everything you need to keep in the pantry and give everything their own home that your family can easily reach.


Check the door: In a lot of cases, like for excessive amounts of paper towels, the back of a pantry door or closet door can be the perfect solution. Store your bulk goods on over the door shelving to keep them off the floor and easily accessible whenever you need to start digging back into the 100-foot roll of aluminum foil you bought.


Store according to need: The thing about bulk goods is that you’re buying for the long-term, and don’t need to go through everything at once. For stuff that won’t spoil (or at least has plenty of time before it spoils), set up some wire shelves and keep your biggest and/or most spoil-free goods on the very top shelf so it’s out of the way until you need it.


Just use it: Of course, if you’re really not sure where to put that massive can of tomatoes, sounds like it’s about time for you to make your grandma’s favorite homemade sauce recipe so you don’t have to worry about where the can is going. I mean, you bought all this stuff for a reason…right?

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