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In a lot of homes, the breezeway (or foyer, or mudroom, depending on where you live and what you call it) can go overlooked and underutilized.

Most families just think of it as the place where winter boots, jackets, and backpacks go before you need them again, but there’s actually a lot of opportunities for storage and organization in a breezeway. All you need is the right home organization supplies and a little imagination to turn your breezeway into a room full of helpful storage.

Here’s a few of our favorite tips for adding storage to a breezeway and transforming the entire space:


Store pet supplies: If you have a dog that loves going on walks, a breezeway is the perfect place to store everything your pet needs. Use a wall hook to store leashes and collars, and keep some toys and extra food bags on one shelf wire shelving units so they’re easily accessible to you, and less accessible to your pets. (We’ve all had the “chewed-through-food-bag” problem.)


Hardware and tools: If you’re the handy-around-the-house sort, mudrooms can be a much easier place to keep your tools and supplies than something like the garage, as it’s easier to access and can get you your tools much faster in an emergency (like a leak or power outage) than if they were outside or in the basement. Set up some durable wire wall shelves or metal wall shelves to hold onto a small toolbox and/or whatever your most-used hand tools are to make sure they’re always right around when you need them.


Ease up the morning scramble: One of the best uses for a mudroom is to create landing pads for everyone’s needed supplies, and by using a little organization you can help everyone get to their backpacks and purses more easily. Use coat hooks for jackets and backpacks, and set up a storage bench along a nearby wall to give everyone a place to sit and get their outdoor shoes on before they leave. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to get everyone out the door and on their way to school.


Turn it into a den/sitting area: If your breezeway has the space, you could turn any unused part of the room into a smaller den, living room, or sitting area to enjoy the outdoors without having to actually go outside (which, in states like Michigan, is a much safer option sometimes). Add some wooden chairs for a rustic look and set up some coffee tables or end tables to give you a place to set your coffee down and watch the sunrise. You might just find yourself with a new place to get away from it all, even for a second!

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