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Toys, records, video games, antiques, old jewelry…whatever it is, there’s an awful lot of stuff out there to collect.

Most people these days have a collection of something, whether or not they want to call it that. And while collecting can be fun, particularly on those days where you found some rare item, or beat everyone else to the punch on some limited pre-order, it does tend to take up a lot of room in your house, doesn’t it?

Now, we’re not going to be one of those organization self-help gurus that try to tell you to “stop collecting and have less stuff”, because that would be counterproductive. HOWEVER, there are absolutely ways to better organize your collections and make them easier to display and enjoy, all without taking up a lot of space in your house that you might need for, well…anything else!

Easy Organizing Tips for Collectors

Review what you have

There comes a point in every collection where you really need to stop and take stock of what you have. Say, for example, you’re a record collector – how many of these records have you listened to lately or still enjoy having around? If you’re a toy collector, have you replaced one of your figures with another, better version of the same character? If you’re a sports memorabilia enthusiast, do you still like having that autographed ball around, or has that player broken your heart and defected to another team in the same league?

Asking yourself these questions will help you understand what you want to prioritize organizing & displaying, what you might want to consider selling to someone else, and what you need to focus on when finding a home for everything!

Figure out the best way to display it

Collections come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to showing off your favorite pieces. However, by taking a look at the size of your collection – and the shape, in many cases – you can figure out what your best display options are.

Records and figures, for example, can both make a home on home wall shelves or inside bookcases for easy display and access (for rearranging or enjoying). Book collections are another good one that can use shelving, as you can show them spine-out for easier finding later.

Collections like video games and DVDs/Blu-Rays are a little tougher, but you could use an entertainment center or TV stands to highlight the ones you use or play most often.

And sports memorabilia could be stored using sports equipment storage to show off your autographs, or just propped up on a coffee table (in the event of autographed pictures).

Store the rest

Now here’s the tricky part. Even the best-organized collections will wind up having some stuff that doesn’t get displayed or stored on the big shelves upstairs – some movies aren’t getting watched as much, some video games aren’t getting played as often, and some records don’t get listened to as frequently.

A lot of space in your basement or garage is probably already given over to this stuff, but we could do a better job with it. Set up some basement and garage shelving to better organize and hang onto your collection overflows – use shelf labels to mark what and where everything is, just in case you need to run down there and grab something again. (This will save you a lot of trouble in case you suddenly need to go grab that old video game system for whatever reason.)

Think about what you don’t need in the collection anymore

Now, we promised at the beginning of this post that we wouldn’t tell you to start throwing stuff out.

And we’re still not! BUT, as Marie Kondo says, it’s important to make sure everything in your collection still sparks the proverbial joy. Maybe some of those guitar pedals aren’t quite what you wanted them to sound like, maybe some of those rare European Blu-ray movies haven’t even been watched yet, maybe you just ordered that video game because someone told you it was going to get rare, even if it wasn’t even a game you liked.

The nice thing about being a collector is that someone else will almost always want any part of your collection, whatever it is. So if something doesn’t fit into your current collection, or if you just need to downsize a little bit (and make some money in the process), don’t be afraid to say goodbye to a few things.

Not ALL of it, obviously. Just some.

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