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organizing with hallway ledges

Hallways tend to go a little under-utilized when it comes to organization and décor.

Maybe people think there isn’t enough space, maybe they’re too focused on the areas they tend to spend more time in (like the living room or kitchen), maybe they just don’t stop and look around often enough.

Most hallways, however, are actually a pretty good opportunity for adding a little extra decor and organization in your home, particularly if you’ve already used a lot of space in the adjoining rooms and areas. Even if all you want to do is show off a few of your favorite family pictures, most hallways can be better organized with the use of ledges!

Using Ledges in the Hallway

Ledges for hallways are typically any kind of floating shelf, wooden wall shelf, or other low-profile shelf hung from the wall in a prominent place.

The positioning of these ledges is a big part of the appeal, and perhaps one that requires the most thought and attention. A lot of homes with hallway windows tend to use these ledges to frame their existing windows – larger shelves can create a windowsill where there wasn’t one before, or you can use the windows to line up the shelves and create a more symmetrical look. This is ideal for displaying smaller things, like picture frames or souvenirs from a family vacation that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

If you don’t have windows in your hallway, then the easiest way to keep things organized is to line the shelves up with anything else in there. You could use doorways to line up your shelves and provide a more natural way to arrange things, or you could use the stairs (in a multiple-level home) to place your ledges on an angle going upwards.

This does beg the question, however: what exactly are you going to keep on there?

Hallway ledges tend to work best for lighter organization, or more decorative purposes. A few of our favorite examples include:

  • Storage of a few favorite books that you want to show off – treasured first editions, something signed by your favorite actor from the TV series, and the like
  • Set small mirrors on each shelf to make the space look a little bigger (and let you double-check your hair on the way out the door!)
  • Keep your favorite small potted plants on these ledges to keep them up off the floor (and away from the cat) – just make sure they’re still in the sun!
  • If you always find yourself in a hurry in the morning, you could use them for more practical storage needs like your keys and cell phone! Think of it as a little landing pad right where you’ll see it before you leave the house.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure to make it fun – and make it yours!

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