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Accent furniture: nearly every living room has it, and yet not everyone is using it to its fullest potential.

With smaller pieces such as end tables, accent furniture is a crucial part of any home’s living room furniture when it comes to defining a space and adding organization to a room. While most homes have accent furniture because they feel like they have to, a lot of homes don’t use them to organize and rearrange their stuff as well as they could be.


Organizing with Sofa Tables

By design, accent furniture is made to fit into smaller spaces. Let’s take sofa tables for example. Sofa tables, true to their name, are designed to fit into the spaces around a sofa, and most people wind up using them to hold drinks or set a remote down on. Sofa tables are actually a great way to define a space and better dictate the ‘flow’ of things through your living room—and they’re great for storage, too. Use your sofa tables to hang onto remote controls, phone chargers, lamps, or any other table settings that don’t quite fit anywhere else.


Organizing with Coffee Tables

Similarly, coffee tables offer a way to define a space while organizing some of your bigger goods. While coffee table books and coasters are fine for the top surface, the shelves underneath can be perfect for holding onto magazines, video game supplies for the kids, extra batteries for your remote controls (as a lot of remotes still use AAAs like back in the day), and even tablets or laptops when they’re not in use. This can help you organize the rest of your living room around a focal point and may help serve as a ‘guide’ for where everything should go.


Accent Tables in the Entryway

The living room isn’t the only place that can benefit from accent furniture—entryways, especially smaller ones, can use them for organization as well. By lining the area around your door with some end tables or side tables, you can create a space for your keys, mail, sunglasses, and even hats & gloves to sit safely and await the next time you need them. It’s a good way to make the most of your entryway even if you don’t have the room for bigger tables or shoe racks, and can do a lot to help you stay organized in the morning.


Creating a Focal Point

Finally, any good room organization plan needs the right space to work around. Accent tables and living room tables can form the centerpiece of any room that you can then start to work around—planning where the shelves will go over a coffee table, or fitting an end table into the part of the room without any chairs yet. If you start in the center of the room and work outward you’ll have a much easier time.

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