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Floating corner shelves (and their close relative, floating wall shelves) are unique in that they can combine decoration and storage all in one convenient package.

Corner shelves, by their very nature, are designed to provide shelving in an area that’s typically a little harder to get to or to make use of. Floating corner shelves in particular can help a lot with storage in smaller rooms or rooms without the floorspace for bigger shelving installations, as their design helps them take up less space while still providing a stable surface for storage.

Here’s a few of our favorite ways we’ve seen people use floating corner shelves in their homes:


Bookshelves: As opposed to larger bookcases that can take up a lot of needed floorspace in a living room or den, floating corner shelves can support a good amount of books in a way that both keeps them out of the way while still displaying them for all to see. Keep a few old favorites up on your shelves to show them off, or use them to rearrange the next few books you need to get around to reading.


Kitchen storage: No matter how well organized, kitchens can run out of room pretty quickly just due to how much stuff you need to keep in there. A few strategically placed floating corner shelves in your kitchen can solve a number of issues related to storing things like spices near the oven, plates near the dining table, or even larger supplies like pots and pans that take up a ton of room elsewhere.


TV stand/media shelves: If you don’t have room in your living room for a full-sized TV stand, getting some shelves in a corner close to where your TV hangs will give you a safe place to keep things like your cable box and your modem off the ground and away from prying hands, so long as your cables can safely reach.


Desk space: If you need a small desk to jot notes or store your tablet/laptops on, a corner floating shelf can become an impromptu desk for managing your notebooks, computer equipment, and more—especially in a room that might not have the space for an entire desk.


Cat lounge: Finally, one of our favorite uses for corner shelves is to give your cats a comfy place to hang out. Set up a corner shelf (or two, if they’re the sort of cat that wants to climb things) with some pillows or carpet samples to give them a comfy place to lounge around above the floor. Bonus points if it’s near a window so they can watch the birds go by!

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