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Messy Car Interior

Yes, friends, you read that right – we’re branching out a little today!


We’ve all had messy cars, right? Empty pop bottles, umbrellas we forgot we owned, running shoes buried under junk mail…alright, maybe not those specific problems, but it’s an issue we’ve all faced. And what are we going to do about it? Glad you asked!


Stash Your Trash: Like any big organization job, the first thing to do is throw out everything you don’t need to keep; and yes that includes all the McDonald’s bags back there. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


Plan Ahead: Before you tackle the rest of your car, there’s one thing you’re going to want to consider – all this trash is just going to build up again unless you do something about it! You could hang a trash bag somewhere, but a slightly more sanitary option is to find something more durable like a small plastic bin or a Tupperware container to hang onto trash until you empty it once you get back home.


Sort Your Paperwork: There’s an awful lot of paperwork you have to keep in your car if you’re a driver these days, and that always leads to paperwork you don’t have to keep. Sort your glovebox and/or center console to figure out what insurance paperwork you have to hold onto and what you don’t, take the old stuff inside to hang onto them in a desk organizer for your records (for about a year or so, and then out it goes!) and keep the rest in your car. If you have the room, you might want to keep some kind of small binder or paperwork organizer in your glovebox to straighten everything out.


Find A Place For Everything: So by now you’re at the point where you’ve whittled your car down to just the stuff you want to hang onto, like important tools or necessities like umbrellas. Here’s a few tips to keep everything tidy and avoid your car getting re-cluttered:


  • Find a car-visor organizer to keep things like sunglasses, smaller umbrellas, and even flashlights right at hand while you’re still in the driver seat.
  • Keep a shower caddy or smaller bathroom storage unit on the back of one of your seats to hang onto stuff both you and your passengers could use
  • Get something to hang onto your phone, like a charging pad or a dashboard mount so you always know where it is – and you won’t be tempted to text and drive while you’re out!


And after this all you have to do is remember to keep it clean! Which is maybe harder than it sounds at first, but it’s a great habit to get into.

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