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Maybe you’re trying to get your kids to play in the yard more during quarantine, maybe you got bored and tried to sift through some stuff in the garage, or maybe you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to rehome them for a while, but either way, one thing is true – kids can outgrow stuff awful fast.

While clothes are usually the first victim of an unexpected growth spurt, a lot of parents are caught even more off-guard by the various accessories that come with having kids. Think things like bicycles, car seats, sports equipment, and other favorite playthings that will eventually fall by the wayside because they’re dependent on your kids being the right size to use them.

Whether you’re just doing some house cleaning during the quarantines, or you tried to pop your kids into their car seat for a drive and found the seatbelt wasn’t quite closing the way it used to be, we’ve all got stuff our kids have outgrown lately. But…what do you do with it, exactly?


How to Store Stuff Your Kids Have Outgrown

Kids’ Car Seats

Car seats can be a pretty constant hassle for parents during the first few years of their kids’ lives. Sure, it’s a necessary tool to keep them safe, but it stinks having to store/replace them every few years while your kids grow up. Luckily, they’re pretty durable, so they don’t need to be stored super delicately. If you have any extra space in your attic or out on your garage shelves, your car seats should be fine out there until they find a new home. Try to keep it somewhere that won’t be too affected by the humidity, since the cushion can very easily trap moisture and get all gross and moldy, but otherwise they should be fine.


Kids’ Bicycles

Similarly, bicycles are pretty dependent on the height and weight of your children, and we all know how fast that can vary from year to year. Someone somewhere would probably buy your kids’ old bikes for their own family, but in the meantime, an easy way to store them out of the way is to use wall hooks or specially-designed bike hooks to keep them mounted on the garage or basement wall, safely out of the way.


Sports Equipment

Sports equipment boils down to two categories, usually: uniforms (shirts, shorts, etc) and the actual equipment, like helmets, gloves, and bats/sticks/whatever. Depending on what exactly your kids play, you have a few options here. A lot of sports equipment can be kept in kids lockers until they or their younger siblings need them, which can come in pretty handy if they have a little brother or sister that wants to take up tee-ball after their big brother has moved up to the little leagues. Uniforms are a different story – they can either be stored in vacuum sealed bags to take up less space, donated to a thrift store, or just tossed out since there’s not going to be as much chance to wear them going forward.


Sentimental Items

“Outgrowing” can take on a lot of different forms when it comes to kids, and a lot of the time the things your kids outgrow may still have some sentimental value for you. Think things like their first pair of shoes, a picture of the first time they met Santa, and so on. While it isn’t good to hold onto too much of this stuff, you can get creative with the rest of it. Make some space on one of your favorite bookcases and create a little display of a few old toys/clothes/sentimental items you want to hang onto, and don’t be shy about purging the rest. (Or maybe just giving it to grandpa and grandma.)

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