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declutter your home during covid


We’ve started to enter the weird part of the year, where things are trying to reopen, you might be back at work, and yet…maybe you still don’t feel like going anywhere.

There’s plenty of reason not to, given how many safety precautions are still in place for going out in public, so even as stores and workplaces reopen you might find yourself opting to spend time at home instead. (Or, maybe in more extreme cases, you can’t go outside and risk getting yourself or your family sick.) And if that’s the case, you’re probably running out of things to do by now, considering you’ve been stuck there since March.

Okay, hear us out, we have an idea: why not get some cleaning done?

Yes, everyone has suggested that same thing, but it’s pretty understandable if you haven’t actually felt like doing anything over the last few months. If you’re finally, finally starting to get some spring back in your step and you need to do something to keep yourself busy at home while you wait to see if things get better outside, here’s our four favorite suggestions for home deep-cleaning and reorganizing:


Four Things to Clean If You’re Stuck At Home During COVID-19

Rearrange your bookshelves: It’s an easy DIY project that won’t take that long to finish up, and it can help your whole home feel way more organized. Take your favorite bookcase, empty it out, and start prioritizing the books you actually want on there to show off, and what could be donated or given away. A fun way to spruce up your bookshelves is to fill the empty space with something like art, baskets, or storage bins full of blankets or collectibles of some kind. After you free up some space from unwanted books, feel free to have a little fun with it by putting some pictures in those spaces instead – or just fill the space with all the other books you weren’t able to shelve properly before!


Clean out that closet: In our experience, the closet is one of those things everyone wants to get around to cleaning eventually, but it always gets brushed aside in favor of bigger, more important chores. Now is the perfect time to pull it all out of there, donate everything you don’t like anymore or won’t wear again, and get set to organize the rest. Add new closet shelves or closet wire shelf kits if you need space for the smaller stuff, and try to focus on whatever’s most seasonally appropriate – summer clothes should be the priority right now, and heavier winter stuff can go back in the basement or attic.


Organize your kitchen: Over the last few months you’ve probably been eating at home a lot more often, even as things around you slowly start to reopen. This extra use has probably left your kitchen in a bit of a state of disarray (or, at least, moreso than usual), and now might be a great time to reorganize your kitchen. From major projects like reorganizing the countertops and hanging up wall shelves to help organize your dishes, pots, and pans, to just putting up some pantry organizers to get those ingredients and other canned goods under control, organizing your kitchen during an extended stay at home can make a lot of things easier for you in the long term.


Sort out that bathroom: Speaking of rooms you use a lot without really cleaning, when’s the last time you gave that bathroom a good shakeout? Go through your medicine cabinets, the bathroom closet, and any other door you don’t open too often in there, and toss out anything expired – old medication, dried up makeup pallets, anything. From there, go through everything left and see what you still use or what you could get rid of. Once you’ve gotten it down to the stuff you absolutely can’t live without (which may still be a lot – we get it, everyone has their favorite makeup influencer these days), set up a couple bathroom organizers to help keep everything a little better organized for next time.


Who knows – maybe you’ll be so inspired by getting these done, you’ll find yourself looking for even more chores! (You laugh now, but stranger things have happened!)

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