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How many times has this happened to you: it’s your big night out, you’re all excited to hit the town, and you reach into your closet or bathroom cabinet to grab the perfect eyeliner or lipstick, only to find it’s all dried up and crumbly!

It happens to the best of us, and while there’s no makeup without an expiration date, there are absolutely things you can do to help prolong the life of your makeup and beauty products to help keep them usable for longer (and lessen the risk of them running out at a crucial moment).

These tips mostly depend on understanding what kind of beauty products you have and what kind of environment they best thrive in, and then finding storage solutions that best meet those needs. Luckily it isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds, and you might find yourself with a little less clutter when you’re all done!


Understand how everything should be stored: Maybe the most important thing to keep in mind is to know that not all beauty products are made for all areas. Take, for instance, the bathroom – while a lot of your makeup and skin care products might be kept in there for simplicity’s sake, the rapid changes in humidity and heat caused by showers can actually prove detrimental to a lot of your beauty supplies. Anything with more of a powdery consistency (such as foundation) or more delicate liquids (perfumes, certain moisturizers) would actually be better off stored outside the bathroom, whereas heartier goods like hair products and shower accessories can stay safely in the bathroom itself.


Stick with room temperature: For these more delicate goods, you’ll want an area with more consistent temperature, such as a hallway closet or any home shelves not too close to a window or an outdoor-facing wall. The trick is to find an area that can be easily accessed but won’t be too cold or too hot due to external factors, like changing weather or super-hot showers.


Make room in the fridge: Now, on the flipside of that, there’s some products that absolutely need the cold, like facial moisturizers, eye creams, and some serums. Anything that interacts with your pores should be kept as germ-free as possible, which generally means they’ll need a safe spot in the fridge and a tightly-closed lid. This might be a good time to repurpose some pantry organizers to help keep your eye cream away from your lunch supplies.


Keep your tools handy: Of course, when it comes to makeup and beauty supplies, having the actual product is just half the battle – you’ll need your favorite brushes and applicators, too! Tools like makeup brushes and puffs should be kept in bathroom organizers to prevent them getting lost or damaged, but be careful about where you keep the organizer. Anything exposed to moisture or humidity runs the risk of growing mold and encouraging the growth of mildew, so if you do put together a makeup toolbox, make sure it goes under the sink or in a bathroom closet to keep them safe and dry.


Wash everything regularly: Finally, no matter what you use it for (or how often), make sure each of your beauty tools are rinsed regularly. This goes for everything – sponges, makeup brushes, even hair styling tools should be thoroughly washed after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria. (Make sure to be super careful about drying them too!)

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