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Whether your kids are the age where they need a space of their own, or if you’re just tired of stepping over toy trucks and Lego blocks everywhere, the idea of a basement playroom has become increasingly popular in today’s homes.

As more basements are finished and usable for something other than storage (could you imagine what that would’ve been like growing up?), many parents have been turning their basements into a fun play area where their kids can roam free, play with toys, or just check out something on their tablet without much bother from the parents.

Of course, as with any other area dedicated to kids’ playtime, the need for storage is going to come up. Kids tend to amass a lot of stuff, from their favorite toys to the chargers for their video game systems, and I’m sure we’ve all seen the sort of situations that can come from someone not being able to find their favorite-ever toy right when they need it. While the idea of having to help your kids organized has probably already gotten some rolled eyes, we don’t think it’s as difficult as you might be worried it is!


The trick to organizing a basement playroom is to understand the sort of stuff your kids tend to play with. Are your kids on the younger side so they still love smaller playsets and toys? Are there enough stuffed animals to start a petting zoo in the corner? Or maybe if your kids are older and they’ve moved onto things like video games and foosball tables, do you know how much space those are taking up?


From there you can start breaking things down into digestible bits. Do all these power cables and extra chargers have a home, or are there storage bins you can label to keep them easily accessible during their next big video game night? Is there a bookcase for everyone’s favorite books and reading materials? What if you used low-hanging wall shelves for that pile of stuffed animals to keep them from cluttering up the floor? Find solutions for each piece of the clutter and keep them kid-friendly for easy access.


The walls will come in handy here too. Depending on what exactly your kids play with, you should try to use baskets or hanging bags for larger toys – things like Nerf toys, large stuffed animals, and even sports equipment (for the outside, hopefully) can be mounted to the wall using wire racks or hangers to keep them off the floor and maximize the actual play area of the room. Nothing will ruin playtime faster than a bunch of stuff taking up the space where your kids are supposed to play!


Speaking of kid-friendly, a great way to help the room stay organized is to let them personalize it. If you’ve set up bookcases, bins, or even kids home lockers, assign them one-per-kid and let them help figure out what they want to keep in it. It can instill a sense of ownership in them and might even help them keep it clean down there for longer.


Once it’s all said and done, you’ll want to make sure you leave room to expand. The thing about kids is that they don’t stop growing, try as you might, and their interests and tastes will change over time. Today’s beloved toys will become tomorrow’s donation pile or closet-fillers, so you’ll need to design a playroom that can grow with your kids. Try to avoid mounting anything too permanently to the walls or floor to help you rearrange as needed – new bookcases will be needed as their books become longer, the shelves will have to be moved up (and longer screws can come in super handy with this), and eventually they might just ask you for a bigger TV for the Xbox.


Whatever you do with your kids’ playroom, just remember to have fun – that’s the point of this room, after all!

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