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Have you ever had a tiny little alcove or side chamber in your house you just weren’t sure how to use?

A lot of homes, especially older homes or studio apartments, tend to wind up with a lot of strange little nooks and crannies up on the top floor. If you’re anything like us, every time you see one you’ve probably asked yourself “I could be doing something with that space…but what?

 When faced with this problem, we’ve seen a lot of modern homeowners turn to creating dressing rooms and closets inside alcoves! While these spaces aren’t typically big enough to do anything too elaborate, a lot of them tend to be the perfect size to help organize clothes and get ready even faster in the morning.


The first step is to understand exactly what you want to use the space for. “Closet” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and that can influence how you use your space. Do you just use your closets for storage of seasonal clothing like jackets or sweaters? Do you keep your fancy dresses or work clothes on hangers? How are you for shoe storage? These are all questions you’ll want to ask before you start setting shelves and racks up.


From there, you’ll need to make sure you understand how much space you can work with. Look through the whole closet to get ideas for what you can store, and where – and we do mean the whole closet. Do you need to use standing shelves, or can you mount things directly to the walls? Is the ceiling an option for anything to hang from? With areas as small as an alcove, making the most of your space is key.


Once you’ve gotten some measurements and a plan in place, next you’ll want to find the storage you’ll need for the clothes you’re hanging up. This is where step 1 comes in handy – remember when you figured out everything you wanted to go in this closet? Take the time to figure out how you’ll fit it all in there. Closet wire shelving racks are a good choice for things like dresses and sweaters that need to be hung up, but if you don’t have the time for a full walk-in rack, you may need to consider closet rails or even something like wall shelves for the big stuff that needs to be kept off the floor. Make sure to measure carefully, since you’ll still need to leave room to actually put stuff in there when you’re done!


After everything is installed and ready to hang onto your clothes, our next step is just to think carefully about what’s going in there. Alcoves tend not to have doors or anything to protect them from the elements, so if you have anything particularly delicate that you don’t need exposed to the elements, they may be better off in your master closet or safely folded in a drawer somewhere.

A lot of people use alcoves for storage of things they either need to grab all the time, such as a favorite coat or a frequently-worn outfit for work, or things they don’t wear as often and thus don’t need to access as easily as they would something in the dresser. Plan ahead for how easily you can get to your new little storage alcove, and your morning routine might just be that much easier!

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