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clean home during pandemic


Even if you’re not at home as often these days since you’re back at work, keeping a safe, hygienic home is still crucial for health and safety these days.

Even as the various lockdowns and quarantines begin to ease up, it’s still important to be aware of (and very careful about) the risk of bringing COVID-19 or other diseases back into your home with you.

Luckily, the process isn’t as doom and gloom as it may sound. One of the best ways to keep your home safe from any unwanted viral visitors is to create a “transition zone” that can store everything you bring back into your home from the outside world until you know it’s safer to use.


Home Sanitization & Storage During COVID-19

 The spread of COVID-19 is a complicated matter, but one source of transition results from coming into contact with a surface containing the virus, and then coming into contact with your face. While it’s impossible to avoid contact with a lot of surfaces or items both within and outside the house, a great way to minimize this risk is to create a “transition zone” for things like groceries that get brought in from the outside world.

Get something that can resist germs like wire shelving or metal shelving that won’t encourage transmission of the virus, and leave your groceries there until everything can be wiped down (or at least until everyone’s hands can get washed). This is also a great place to store things like backpacks or purses that may need to be taken along during these trips into the outside world, just to help keep everything that much safer.

You’ll need to set a few ground rules for using the space. Obviously not too many people should be crowded around it at once, even if everyone already lives together, and you’ll want it to be cleaned thoroughly after every use to be safe.


Location is also going to be an important factor. You’ll want somewhere that isn’t right in the way of the normal flow of traffic throughout the house, and far enough away to stop the spread of anything too heinous or unwanted, but still close enough for easy access. If you have an attached garage, that could be ideal (so long as the temperature permits), or any side room that doesn’t see as much usage as something like the living room.

While this isn’t the only thing you should do to keep your family safe – regular sanitization and disinfecting will need to be done on most surfaces – it can go a long way towards making sure no unwanted visitors accidentally come into your house with you.

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