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Bikes! They’re fun, good exercise, an easy way to enjoy the weather outside…and they’re a huge pain to put away.

We all love them, most of us still have them, but they take up a lot of space and sometimes it feels like there’s no good place to put them, particularly if you have little kids who might try to ride theirs without your supervision and run the risk of getting hurt, or at least making a big mess.

If you have smaller hands that enjoy riding their bikes (even if it’s just up and down the driveway) and you need to help get the garage or basement a little more organized around them, here’s a few ideas to get started:


Clear some ceiling space: One of the easiest ways to store bikes, at least in regards to keeping them up away from your kids as well as clearing clutter, is to free up some space on the ceiling to hang them from. Many bike racks allow you to suspend them from the ceiling and hang the bikes from industrial hooks. If you have an older garage with a lumber rack on the ceiling (and you don’t expect to be keeping a lot of lumber up there) this can be easily repurposed into bike storage too – just be careful on that ladder getting it down!


Look on your walls: If the ceiling isn’t an option, you might want to consider mounting your bikes up on the wall instead. Using some wall mounted bike racks is a good way to keep your bikes out of the way and out of reach from any curious little ones that might try to knock them down or pull them off. You’re going to need to make sure they’re locked down good and tight to prevent any falls or injuries, but wall racks can be a great way to stop your kids from tripping and falling over any bikes left on the floor.


Put them somewhere the kids won’t go: Of course, the idea of child-proofing is only an issue if your bikes are kept somewhere that your kids can get to easily. If you have an outdoor shed, or a room you can easily lock up and keep child-free, this is a pretty fast way to make sure your family’s bikes won’t get bumped into by anyone small enough to get hurt by them. Speaking of…


Look outside: We’re not lucky enough to do it here in Michigan (if it isn’t snowing, it’s probably raining), but if you’re in an area that stays pretty temperate through the year you could try making some space outside to keep your bikes. Set up an impromptu bike rack on your porch or off to the side of your house, and your bikes will be both out of the way of everything else in your home and you know your kids won’t be trying to unlock them since you’ll be outside when they are!


Create a parking spot in the house: Of course, if your kids ride their bikes pretty frequently, or if they’re to a point where you want them to feel a little more ownership over them, you might want to consider making a spot for them indoors. Find a room to set up a bike rack for the whole family (or just the kids if you have room) so they can access them on their own – so long as you think they’re up for it, of course!

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