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If there’s one thing every home seems to have a ton of these days, it’s cables and cords.

It makes sense – there’s more electronics in houses now than ever before, and while we don’t exactly think that’s a bad thing it does lead to a lot of extra cables and clutter everywhere. If you’re looking to stash all those chargers, HDMI cords, and plugs somewhere out of the way while keeping everything nice and decorative, here’s a few ideas we’ve come across:

Turn a Kitchen Drawer Into a Drop Zone: Everyone has to spend at least a little time in the kitchen, and that means you’re going to have to take your phone with you. Instead of taking up valuable counter space by plugging everything into an outlet by the sink (which is also pretty hazardous for a number of reasons), why not take a drawer you’re not using and turn it into a charging station! Set up a surge protector (with some holes drilled through so you can reach the outlet) and keep a spare of everyone’s phone charger in the drawer so you can charge your devices in the kitchen – and not have to worry about running out of battery while you double-check that recipe!

Hide It With Books: TV stands are a common site for cable clutter, given the amount of cable boxes, game systems, and the like we all have plugged into our TV. Whether your TV is wall-mounted over the stand or sits directly atop, strategically organizing some of your favorite books around the sides to hide all the cables is a great way to conceal the clutter and keeps your books somewhere more organized, too!

Put It On The Wall: A lot of people only consider things like end tables as spaces for charging their devices, but if you can reach your outlets from higher up, a lot of homes are turning to wall shelves to help free up the clutter down below. Particularly in the bedroom right above a nightstand, careful placement of wall shelves can help you keep your cords from causing a bigger mess while keeping your phone right where you need it (even if you don’t need to be browsing Facebook that late at night).

Open Up Your Mantel: If your TV hangs right over your fireplace mantel and you’re the woodworking type, a lot of people with cable clutter have been carving out spaces in their mantel to thread the cords through and down around the edge of the mantel for concealment. (We don’t recommend this tip for everyone, but if you or anyone you know are the craftsy type this is a good way to go!)

Tie it Down: Some cable problems just can’t be moved or hidden due to the way the room is laid out, and that’s fine! For stuff you know you’re not going to have to unplug or disconnect for a long time like TVs and cable boxes, a lot of people are finding success by running their cables down the sides of their nearby tables and zip-tying them down to prevent excess clutter (and making sure nobody can trip on them). If you’re really feeling adventurous you could cut some PVC tubing to help run the cords through if you’ve got a lot you need to tidy up.

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