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open shelving kitchen backsplash


The trick with any big kitchen decor plan is the careful balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Sure, we all dream of having one of those perfect Pinterest kitchens where everything is retro and gorgeous and exactly where it’s supposed to be, but those kitchen photoshoots always disregard one important thing: people have to use this room!


A lot of fancy kitchen design trends tend to disregard the fact that kitchens tend to see the most intense use of any room in your home. There’s always a ton of things going on in a kitchen, from putting groceries away to preparing dishes of any size, and the need for practical kitchen storage solutions tends to get in the way of any real aesthetic concerns.

That said, there is one kitchen decor idea for the upcoming year that we think combines the best of both worlds: kitchen backsplashes with open shelving!


Open shelving has been an idea for kitchens that has gained some traction in recent years, but the addition of backsplashes has helped the idea take root in more peoples’ minds. The term ‘backsplash’ refers to a special area behind the shelves that has a unique design, not reflected elsewhere in the kitchen.

This allows you to break up the look of your kitchen a little better without totally redoing each wall, and provides for better storage capacity. Most backsplashes are made out of patterned tile that matches the main color of the kitchen, such as off-white with black grout, to add a unique look and provide contrast to the rest of the kitchen. They don’t all have to be a new material, though – sometimes a backsplash can just be a specially painted part of the kitchen walls!


Of course, this brings us back to the idea of storage. Backsplashes are perfect for adding wall shelves for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The area created by the backsplash creates an eye-catching area that can store plates, utensils, cooking dishes, and other frequently-used items in a way that creates a nicer look than the typically cluttered and bulky cabinets. It can also be a good way to sort items by priority – the stuff on the backsplash shelves should be things you use most often, as they’ll be the most visible and easiest to access. Otherwise it can go in a pantry or cabinet for safe keeping.

If you’ve got the space and an urge to spruce up your kitchen a little bit, we think open shelving paired with a nice backsplash might be just the thing to keep your kitchen up-to-date without taking away any valuable storage space! The next time you have to reach for your favorite spatula or that mixing bowl you always need, you’ll be glad you have it!

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