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Sometimes, it can start to feel like you’re running out of basement storage space no matter how hard you try to get organized down there.

All the shelves and hooks in the world can only help so much if you start running out of space, but there may be a solution you’ve overlooked: your basement stairs!

Stairwells have become a popular storage solution in recent years, since nearly every home has them and they can offer a lot more usable storage space than you might expect. However, this sort of storage is generally only applied to stairways in the main floors of the house, whereas a lot of the same thinking can easily be applied to the stairs in your basement!

Here’s four of our favorite basement stairwell storage ideas to help you free up some room:


Bookshelves on the back

If the back of your basement staircase is easily accessible (and solid enough to support the weight), this can be a perfect spot to attach some shelves for books, movies, or other small, easily-shelved items. Take some wooden wall shelves and mount them to the back of each descending stair. This will allow you to create more space for smaller collectibles or books you’ve finished but don’t want to part with yet.


Laundry nook

A lot of people are never quite sure where to put their washer and dryer, and they can take up a lot of the usable space in a basement just due to their larger footprint. If your basement stairs have the width, you can use that space to contain your washer and dryer to get them out of the way while keeping them accessible! Make sure to mount some wall wire shelves nearby to store needed supplies like detergent and fabric softener to prevent them from getting lost and cluttering up the rest of the basement.


Basement office

With enough space under the stairs (and a sufficiently finished basement, of course), you can easily turn this space into a small home office for quick tasks or at-home work! Slide whatever home office furniture will fit down there to create a space for quiet work and a place to keep needed paperwork like tax returns.


Bar storage

Speaking of finished basements, a lot of basements wind up being home to, let’s say, the enjoyment of adult beverages. If you’ve always wanted a basement bar but don’t have the space or ability to construct a full-sized one, the underside of your basement stairs can come in handy! Use some wall shelves to create storage for your favorite drinks, and keep the floor free to make a home for your bar carts that you can wheel out when it’s party time.

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