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easter tablesetting

 Alright, if you’re someone who celebrates Easter you know the big day is coming soon.

And just like with any holiday, there’s a lot of…surprises that can come with it, such as being surprised that the day is coming so soon – or the surprise that you’re suddenly hosting people for brunch, dinner, or anything in between!


These things have a way of sneaking up on you, but you’ve got nothing to fear! We’ve got a quick checklist here of things to do around the house over the next day or two before company arrives to help take off some of the stress and get everything ready:


  • If you’re hosting a meal of some kind, get your menu finalized. The grocery stores are going to be enough of a pain this weekend without knowing what you’re looking for!
  • Recruit some volunteers. Get the kids to help make decorations and do the easier chores (like setting a table and so on), recruit your spouse or partner to help clean up or at least put things away, and if you can talk your guests into bringing a side dish, now is the time! Speaking of…
  • Figure out who all is coming. The amount of stuff you’re going to have to do will really depend on your guest list, and specifically the size thereof. If you can get away with only having a few people over you can probably make do with just cleaning the living room, but bigger gatherings might require a little more accommodations and furniture.
  • Get your house ready for guests. This sounds like the hardest part – but it doesn’t have to be! Once you’ve finalized your list, the best thing to do is start working on where everyone is going to sit and eat. Bigger parties will probably require some extra living room furniture like end tables and chairs for everyone to sit comfortably, and make sure to get your entryway furniture ready to go to prevent issues with things like hanging up coats and putting shoes away. (And if you haven’t vacuumed or swept lately, here’s a perfect excuse!)
  • Take stock of your house. Depending on how long your guests will be there, now might be a good time to take a look and see how set for supplies you are. Check things like toilet paper, hand soap, maybe guest towels if you have to. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got enough silverware and plates to go around if you’re expecting a big dinner rush.
  • Get your kitchen ready for the meal (if you’re doing the cooking). Now might also be a good time to get that pantry and refrigerator cleaned out – get some kitchen cabinet organizers to keep all your ingredients together and throw out anything that’s gone bad, is taking up space, or both. You might also want to do some dishes to make sure you have enough supplies to cook for everyone!
  • Remember to enjoy yourself. Even if you’re trying to host company, can the party really be said to be a success if you’re too stressed out to enjoy yourself? As soon as everything’s ready to go, take a second to have a glass of wine (or grape juice, or whatever you’re in the mood for) and relax. You did it, and you don’t have to think about it again…until next year.

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