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Have you ever looked around a room in your home and you felt like you just weren’t getting enough light in?

Maybe there’s something blocking the windows and stopping natural light from getting where it’s needed. Maybe the old overhead light isn’t reaching everywhere and it’s starting to throw off your home selfie game. Maybe it’s just weirdly dim by the sofa sometimes.

In most cases, this is due to what’s been brought into the room. A lot of furniture and storage solutions are built for durability and storage capacity, not light and aesthetics. Which is good, as it means they’re doing what they need to do, but it can leave some rooms in the home feeling a little…dim and uninviting.


An easy solution for this is to introduce more glass into the home! Glass wall shelves have been experiencing something of a resurgence in recent years as a way to maintain storage space while ‘opening up’ a room using something a little lighter.

These shelves, when placed properly, can solve a few problems all at once. Apartments and homes aren’t getting any bigger these days, and people need to find multipurpose ways to both decorate and add storage space. With glass shelving, you can make sure you still have a place for your knickknacks and embarrassing vacation pictures without blocking the light coming in through the windows to help your room feel a little more spacious and bright.

While the options for glass shelves are nearly limitless (so long as you have the wall space, of course), here’s a couple of our favorite uses we’ve seen over the years:


  • In the kitchen, glass wall shelves can be placed by a window to display ingredients or favored wine glasses for easy storage and retrieval
  • Low-set glass shelves near a bathtub (particularly if you have an outdoor-facing wall in the bathroom) are a fun and decorative way to store soaps and candles
  • In the living room, glass shelves can take the place of wooden shelves or bookcases as a way to display books and magazines—particularly so you remember to read them while they’re there!
  • Open up the laundry room a little bit and add some ‘softness’ to the room with glass shelves, particularly if you use them to store towels and detergents
  • Makeup and cosmetics are easily stored (and much harder to lose) on a glass shelf in the bathroom or bedroom, to keep all your options visible during the morning rush


So long as you have the room to hang them up, and a little imagination, glass shelves can help let more light into a room and make a space feel much warmer than it did before. (And if they still don’t help, then it might be time to look into something brighter than that old ceiling fan!)

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