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The kitchen is an area that always seems to be in need of just a little more room.

With some more space you could easily put away those pots, pans, and bottles of cooking wine, but no matter how hard you try you never seem to have that extra inch of elbow room, do you?

There’s a solution to this, and it may come as a bit of a surprise: the window in your kitchen! Kitchens typically have large windows near the sink or oven, and while these were typically installed just for aesthetic purposes, people are finding them to be increasingly handy when it comes to storage needs.

Without much modification or elbow grease, you can make your kitchen windows work even harder for you! Here’s a few of our favorite methods for getting storage out of your kitchen windows:


Open Shelving

Whether straight across the window (like a windowsill) or mounted to the sides where able, kitchen windows are a great place to add open wall shelves for additional storage. Try to pick something low-profile or a material that can let the light through, like glass shelves or wire wall shelves to add storage (and durability in the kitchen environment) without obstructing the view or blocking the sunlight from coming through.


Plant Hangers

The kitchen is a common spot for growing plants, whether they’re decorative perennials or your favorite herbs for cooking, and the kitchen window can help you leverage sunlight and fresh air in a better way than just leaving them on the counter. By repurposing closet hanging systems you can easily create a new ledge or hanging rail to hang your favorite potted plants from, all the better to help them get sunlight.


Pots & Pans

Similarly, by using the same hanging rail you can create a new place to keep pots and pans that won’t take up space in the cabinets or on the counter. Either get some loose s-hooks to hang the pots by their handles from the rail, or use the space around the window to hang wall hooks and display your pots in a way that’s much easier to get to.


Cookbook Bookshelf

Whether with new shelves that you’ve hung up or the windowsill that you already have, the kitchen window is a great flat surface to line up your favorite cookbooks. Get your favorite cookbooks together with some kitchen bookends and keep them close at hand, but just out of reach of those splashes!


Soap & Cleaning Supplies

Finally, most kitchen windows wind up right near the sink, and if they’re near the sink that means they can get to work on your dish soap! Line up some bathroom organizers on top of your kitchen windowsill and keep your sponges, detergents, and everything else right at hand.

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