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With all the furniture that tends to go into a living room, it can be hard to find a free spot to help organize or store things.

Couches, coffee tables, reclining chairs – as much as we all enjoy our living room furniture, we all know how big and space-consuming they can be. And when it comes time to get your living room decluttered and reorganized, that lack of space can be a problem!

From space to store things like remote controls and DVDs to simply rearranging your furniture, a lack of living room floor and storage space can really start to cramp your style. The solution might not be as difficult as you expect, though – and after you’ve opened up the space, there’s a few ways to keep it that way when you’re done!


One of the first ways to help expand the space in your living room is to look on the walls. If you have free wall space around the TV or near the couch, mounting some wall shelves lower on the walls to keep them at reach can create new space to store things like movies and video games, or even use them as a side table to set down drinks and remote controls!

Bookcases can come in very handy here too. By using taller, narrower bookshelves throughout your living room, you can add extra storage that isn’t an eyesore and doesn’t detract from the space in your living room. Make sure to keep them against a nearby wall and out of the flow of traffic for maximum effectiveness!


The sort of furniture you use on the floor can also go a long way towards opening up the space. Try to pick living room furniture that offers either high legroom (to open up the space beneath it) or that has built-in shelving and storage to compensate for the lack of room. Look for coffee tables and TV stands that offer drawers and shelving underneath to help give you a place to manage cables and keep all of your TV accessories close at hand.


Speaking of furniture, rearranging what you already have can be a bigger help than you expect. In many cases, clutter in a living room is caused by introducing new furniture without adjusting the layout of the room to make it fit better. As time allows, reorganize your furniture in a way that still allows everyone to see the TV but opens up new pathways into and through the living room itself.

By arranging your living room in a way that opens up space while still offering storage, you might just find yourself being able to relax in front of the TV easier than ever!

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