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There’s probably an awful lot of stuff in your kitchen right now, isn’t there?

Not that we’re judging! Everyone these days has a ton of appliances, ingredients, and utensils in their kitchen, and stuff like that can tend to pile up when it’s something you use just often enough to not want to get rid of, but not often enough for it to not get in the way sometimes.

It can be difficult to declutter and organize small appliances since they tend to not have anywhere to go other than the counter or a nearby cabinet, mostly due to their variety of sizes and shapes. However, no matter what sort of appliances you typically use, there’s a few tips you can apply to any kitchen to help get things under control:


Look Up:

One of the easiest ways to start storing small appliances and serving utensils is to use the higher areas of your kitchen walls and shelves. Particularly for things you don’t use every day, higher storage options like the tops of your kitchen cabinets or any of your kitchen wall shelves can be a great place to keep things like mixers and Instant Pots when you’re not using them, while keeping them in view and easier to get to when it’s time to use them!


…And Down:

Of course, not everyone has that much space up high, and if that’s the case, you should consider the opposite: look down to your lowest available shelves and cabinets. This is especially helpful for heavier appliances like bread makers, since you won’t have to reach over your head to get something down. Pantry organizers can come in handy here if you need to make a little extra room in these cabinet shelves.


Create a “Preparation Zone”:

After you’ve found homes for a lot of your small appliances, now might be a good time to create an area where most of the work in your kitchen gets done. A good preparation zone will include your most commonly-used appliances and utensils, so take a second and think about what you’ve used most often lately. Have you been blending a lot? Has that handheld mixer really come in handy? Is it the time of year for you to finally break out the Crock Pot for your favorite chili recipe? These are things that could easily make a home in your preparation zone to ensure your other appliances are kept out of the way until it’s their turn. If you’ve got space on your counter or on a nearby kitchen island to create this area, you might find yourself having an easier time than ever getting dinner ready!


Prioritize By Use – And Get Rid Of What You Don’t Use

Finally, no matter where you wind up organizing your appliances, you might have to make some tough decisions about what you don’t use, or what you might not use at all going forward. Is that home beer-making kit no longer as exciting as it used to be? Is that novelty waffle iron the kids begged for getting a little crusty and unloved? Items like this, at best, could go on some basement shelves or out in the garage until you figure out what to do – but more likely than not they should be passed on to someone that will use them, or donated somewhere locally.

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