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modern bedroom storage ideas


For a lot of people, the term “modern bedroom” means something pretty streamlined and focused on decoration – but even the most modern bedrooms need to get organized sometimes.

It can be a difficult balance to strike, since the whole point of a ‘modern’ bedroom is to not have a bunch of stuff in it. But with the right bedroom storage furniture, you can maintain a modern look and give you a better place to keep your clothes and phone at night!


Organization for the Modern Bedroom


The trick with modern bedrooms is to streamline. A lot of modern bedrooms choose to have sleeker lines and matching colors, often at the expense of most storage, but you can absolutely get around this with a little imagination:

  • Layered shelving can help add storage for things like books and blankets without breaking up the lines of your room too much. Use floating shelves in one clean line around the perimeter of your wall for convenient wall storage – especially if you use something like glass for a more modern look.
  • Window seats with storage can go a long way towards adding needed storage for things like shoes, while keeping your bedroom comfortable and uncluttered. Set up an entryway storage bench under the biggest window in your bedroom to get a better view AND a place to keep your shoes and accessories!
  • Most modern bedrooms focus on the right materials, so coordinate everything you can. Many bedroom nightstands are available in wood and glass that can make it easier to match whatever look you want in your bedroom, even if you already matched the sheets with the wallpaper.
  • If you don’t have the space for a nightstand – or don’t want to use the space for one – set up some wall shelves at the appropriate height to create a floating nightstand, to give you a place to put your phone and water glass before bed.

These are only a few ideas – but they just go to show that a well-decorated bedroom doesn’t have to sacrifice storage space!

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