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using corner wire shelving in the home


Corner wire shelving is one of the most helpful pieces of storage a home can have – and perhaps one of the most misunderstood.

Corner shelves can help fulfill a number of storage needs, from the decorative to the functional and everything in between, but it can be hard to decide how to use it, or if you even need to use it at all!

Below are a few of our favorite options for using corner wire shelves at home, perfect for getting inspired, or just finding your next new home storage option.


Home Corner Shelving Ideas


Food storage

Depending on the size of your kitchen or pantry, corner wire shelving can be the perfect way to expand your current selection of pantry shelving. Corner wire shelves can be placed in the corner of a kitchen to act as an ersatz spice rack, dish rack for larger cooking trays, or even the perfect stand for something like a microwave.

If you need more space in the pantry, corner wire shelves can be turned into overflow storage for canned beverages, snacks, or anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. (You might need to keep an eye out for wandering hands in the chips or cookies, though!)


Bathroom storage

Similarly, corner shelves can easily fill up some space alongside the rest of your bathroom storage. Wire corner shelves can hold toilet paper, extra shampoo, that mouthwash your dentist made you use, whatever – and the wire construction will prevent it from getting rusty from the humidity and moisture!


Photo and knickknack display

Not every use of corner shelving needs to be formal, however. Corner wire shelves are the perfect shape and height for creating a display of your favorite stuff – family photos, souvenirs from that last big vacation, a few books you want to show off, maybe even some framed drawings your kids did.


Basement cleanup

Finally, the durable construction of wire shelves means that a good corner wire shelf could do wonders in a basement, even if it’s not the most environmentally feasible.

Most people’s basements wind up becoming a home for tools, holiday decorations, those boxes you never unpacked after the move, and so on. Corner wire shelves can give you a great way to get that stuff up off the floor and out of the way, in case you need to get to it faster – or if you just want to keep it somewhere safe until you move again.

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