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Out of all the junk mail we still get sent to our house, even in these digital days of email, the most helpful is perhaps the humble takeout menu.

A menu from that local pizza place up the road you’ve always meant to try, a flyer from Doordash telling you to try one of those new Impossible Burgers, coupons for Chinese takeout – whatever the case may be, our homes still wind up with a lot of physical takeout menus from local restaurants. Thanks to food delivery services making it easier to order in than ever before, these menus actually manage to serve a purpose…but they can be awfully hard to put away, can’t they?

Organizing your mail is tough enough as it is, but finding a new spot to keep all these menus safe for the next time you don’t feel up to cooking is a problem all on its own. Luckily, we’ve got a few easy solutions to help!


One of our favorite ways to keep your takeout menus close at hand and neatly organized is to use a magazine rack! Magazine racks are generally the ideal size and shape to hang onto takeout menus of various sizes, and can make it even easier for you to flip through them to find the one you’re looking for. Set one of these up in the entryway or somewhere in the living room (where you won’t forget about it come dinnertime) and stack up your favorite menus in the way that makes the most sense to you.


We talked about how most of your piled-up takeout menus are from the mail, so if you don’t feel like giving over a whole magazine holder, why not solve the problem at the source and get some mail organizers? If you still get a lot of take-out menus and restaurant coupons in the mail, put a wall-mounted mail organizer right by the door or somewhere in your entryway where you can immediately put them away after you bring the mail in without leaving a big paper mess everywhere.


If you want a slightly less-visible option, we’ve seen some houses turn to over the door storage to help keep their takeout menus organized. Hang a small basket on the inside of a cabinet door or on the back of the door to your closet or bedroom, and the next time you’re just not ready to use the oven, your favorite menus are right there.


Of course, even after they’re organized, there’s one crucial step a lot of people neglect: throwing the menus out after a while. Restaurants change their menus after a while, and the chances are they’ll give you another one eventually, so if you start to see a lot of menu changes (or, even worse, if your favorite local taco joint suddenly goes out of business) don’t be afraid to toss out old menus in favor of new ones.

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