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School districts all over the country have been impacted by COVID-19 and the related quarantines, often in ways nobody could’ve predicted.

If you had kids of any age enrolled in school, you’re probably suddenly stuck in the dual role of teacher and parent, helping your kid get through their new school day in front of a computer, absorbing online documents in place of sitting with their classmates.


Online education, while still valuable in these times, requires a pretty drastic shift in priorities both for the student, and for any parent helping them get through their workload, and it can be difficult to try to learn using your supplies at home as opposed to anything provided by the public education system.

Reshaping part of your home into an area that can help your kids succeed in their new online homeschooling adventures can be a bit of a tricky process, but with a few tips for organization and storage, you can help your home-school students be just as successful as they would’ve been in the classroom.


One of the first and easiest methods is to help them set up a new “classroom”. Designate a specific area of the house and create a workspace for them to go to when they need to start classes. This will help them stay focused and create more of a sense of ‘working’, since they still need to be at a certain area on time. Set up a home office desk or a low-hanging wooden wall shelf to create a workspace specifically for homeschooling, and make sure it’s in an area where your kids can easily access it.


From there, you’ll want to make sure they can always get to the materials they need. Things like desk organizers can work wonders for holding pencils and notebooks (which you will still need at times, despite the classes now being online), and for certain classes that require textbooks you could reuse some magazine holders to hang onto needed reading material for class.


A good way to organize that could keep your kids a little more on-track for their classes would be to try to create a better “classroom” atmosphere, as well. Wherever they need to do their studies, make sure it’s removed from easy distractions, and let them personalize it to make them feel more involved in the process. Consider setting up a personal locker to help them keep their stuff organized when it’s not class time, and maybe let them keep using their backpack so they don’t feel totally divorced from the learning process through the day.


It might take a little rearranging of the house, as well as a lot of getting used to for everyone involved, but eventually your kid will be cruising through homework like they used to back when we all had schools to go to! (And come next September, hopefully everything will be back to normal and you can move that desk back out of the living room!)

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