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You might already be curious about the title of this one, but it’s true—there’s ways to make your lunch-packing routine even faster!

Many of us have been there. Everyone scrambling around to get the sandwiches and fruit ready, someone’s lost their lunchbox, nobody knows where the crackers are—it’s a mess. With a little kitchen organization and some careful foresight, you can turn your morning lunch-creation routine into something a little less painful, and a lot faster.


The first step is to create a ‘launchpad’. We’ve all been there in the morning, struggling to find the sandwich baggies before we’ve had a chance to get a cup of coffee in our system. Think about the things you use most often, like snack baggies, containers for sauce/chips/etc, bento boxes, or plain old napkins, and figure out how you can keep them all close together. Things like kitchen cabinet organizers can come in handy for organizing boxes of baggies or other storage solutions you frequently reach for, as well as preventing the rest of the cabinet from becoming an even bigger mess.


If storage is an even bigger concern, you should use something more open like a baker’s rack to help you keep everything open and visible. At the right height, this could also be an easy way for your little ones to get involved and reach for some of their own favorite snacks—so long as it isn’t a safety issue!

Speaking of snacks, there’s a lot of those that can go into a lunchbox, and it can be hard to keep them all straight and organized in your pantries. A good way to keep everything separated is to use plastic storage bins in part of the cabinet to separate them either by type (sweet, salty, etc) or by who gets them—your oldest prefers the trail mix while their younger sibling prefers the nacho cheese chips, and so on. This will help you get in the habit of finding everything more quickly, and making sure everything has a home that you can get to quickly in the morning.


Of course, snacks are only half the battle, and one of the most labor-intensive steps in making lunch in the morning is the ever-present sandwich! And as we all know, there’s a lot of work and supplies that go into making a sandwich for lunch, so keeping all of them as accessible as possible will go a long way towards making your morning lunch preparation go smoothly and quickly. Our best advice is to try and set up a pantry organizer or a standalone kitchen cart to hang onto things like knives and bread, and then keep everything else as close to one another in the fridge as possible. If you have a specially designated section for the peanut butter or bologna, you can find it more quickly and save yourself some precious time in the morning.


Our last suggestion would be to try and keep a running grocery list at hand. Lunch supplies are some of the most commonly-used foods in the kitchen, and they have a bad habit of running out right when you need them most. Leave a magnetic grocery list right on the front of the fridge so you always know what you need and when, so nobody goes without their favorites at lunch time.

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