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While renting a home or an apartment certainly has its upsides, especially in today’s economy, one of the more common downsides is trying to get it furnished properly.

Even if you’re lucky enough to get a rental with furniture and everything already set up (and let’s face it, most of us won’t be), finding storage space can be tricky. Above and beyond the obvious solutions like bookcases, it can be tough to know how to store and organize all your stuff when you get there.

Our solution is one that many people don’t think of: set up your storage before you get there! If your move-in schedule allows for it, there’s plenty of little tricks you can do before you fully settle in to help increase your storage capacity and let you get better organized when you move in.


The best place to start is by looking in places people don’t tend to look. For instance, does your rental have a lot of pantry space or closets? Over the door storage can go a long way towards adding storage to the backs of closet doors or on the inside of pantry doors to help get things under control, all without taking up the same amount of floor space as larger shelving installations—space you might not be able to spare otherwise!


Speaking of closets, a lot of rentals have pretty bare closets when you show up, and you’ll be lucky if you get a hanger bar for all of your sweaters and nicer hang-up shirts. Before you start unpacking all your clothes and settling in, look on the walls in your closet and set up some wall mounted wire shelves or some closet organizers to give you more options for storing everything before your clothes are spread out all over the room.


You can take a similar approach with your pantries and kitchen cabinets, too. Before you start unboxing all your plates, flatware, and your favorite coffee mug collection, look into some pantry organizers. Dish shelves can help you consolidate your dishes together better into small areas, and other racks can help you make more space for canned goods and food than you might have otherwise.


For everywhere else in your new rental, it’s important to try to find furniture that can pull double duty. Set up entryway benches that also offer shoe storage, make sure to find a TV stand with enough space for all of your various devices, modems, and cable boxes, and only use end tables or coffee tables with enough space to keep your remote controls and magazines in check.

After taking a few extra steps, not only will your rental be easier to organize, you might just have an easier time moving in, too!

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