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We all have a collection of spray bottles, wipes, and mops we use to keep our house clean—but what if we don’t have anywhere to keep them?

A lot of modern homes don’t offer as much in the way of closet space, which means you may find yourself lacking a broom closet. While that can be a big pain on its own, the sad truth is that dust and crud isn’t going to leave your house alone just because it’s harder to store cleaning supplies.

To keep your house sparkling and clean without the aid of a dedicated storage area for cleaning supplies, here’s a few tips to try out:


Gather together your favorites: A great way to get around the lack of storage space is to find a way to group everything you use most often together. Take a small plastic storage bin or wire basket and use it to store 4-5 of your most commonly used cleaning supplies, including bleach wipes, glass cleaner, air fresheners, and more.


Under the sink: Once this basket has been assembled, you’ll probably need somewhere safe to keep it. The space underneath the kitchen sink is one of the most common areas for cleaning supplies, and with good reason—it’s easy to access, it’s in an area of the house everyone can remember, and you greatly reduce the risk of anything else getting damaged if something spills or leaks. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can set up cabinet organizers under your sink to help further organize towels, sponges, and the like.


Find a drawer: While we’re in the kitchen, empty kitchen drawers can be used as versatile storage for other, larger cleaning supplies, particularly if the drawer sits vertically. Use these drawers for soap refills, towels, and slightly harsher supplies like dishwasher soap, counter top, and brass cleaner to keep them from spilling on anything you don’t want them coming in contact with.


Thy name is vanity: Similarly, a lot of people use the space in bathroom vanities to store excess cleaning products like brushes or backup paper towel rolls. Take a vanity organizer you’re no longer using and store some extra soaps and washcloths right in your bathroom where you’ll need them most.


Hang it up: The little stuff is out of the way, but what about those longer cleaning tools like brooms and mops? If you don’t have an exclusive closet for them, try hanging up some sports equipment racks on an empty wall like in the laundry room or the basement and suspending them from there. Most adjustable sports equipment racks can fit the diameter of brooms and mops with little problem, and can keep them off the floor and safely out of the way.


Cart it around: If you’re a frequent housecleaner who wants something a little more mobile, you could try repurposing a bar cart or kitchen cart to create a mobile ‘command center’. Load a cart up with your most-used cleaning supplies and wheel it around the house to fit wherever you need it. (Just make sure you have somewhere to put it when you’re done!)

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