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No matter how much you love your rental or apartment, do you ever find yourself wishing you had just a little more space?

It can be hard to store and organize things in the limited room offered by most urban or suburban apartments, but a common solution to that is right at hand: wall shelves!

Wall shelves, particularly lighter options like wire wall shelves or floating wall shelves, are a popular choice in smaller homes and apartments due to the amount of storage they offer while freeing up space on the floor that heavier cabinets might take up. By functioning as both helpful organization and stylish decoration, we think wall shelves can help in nearly any room in your rental:


Living room: One of the most obvious uses of wall shelves is right in the living room. By hanging up shelves at various points in your living room—over the TV is a common option, as well as above the couch and adjacent to the main living room window—you can add storage or decoration in the room that might need it the most. Living room wall shelves can solve a number of needs; you can use them to store books, movies, video games, or anything else you want to keep nearby in your living room, or your favorite collectibles without needing to bring in another table that you might not have space for.


Bathrooms: Bathrooms of any size could always use a little more storage space, simply thanks to the amount of stuff we have to keep in there. Wall mounted bathroom shelves can help you store the necessities right at hand so you’re not caught suddenly scrambling for something right in the middle of a shower. (Nobody likes getting out of the shower and back into the shower. It’s a simple fact.)


Bedrooms: While bedroom furniture tends to carry a lot of the load for storage and organization in the bedroom, floating shelves can be surprisingly handy. Use them above your bed for decoration or storage of books you haven’t gotten to yet to keep the floor and your nightstand tidier. What’s that? You don’t have room for a nightstand? Set a floating shelf at about the height of your mattress for a perfect place to keep your water glass and reading glasses without taking up as much overall floorspace as a nightstand would.


Kitchen: Small kitchens are the worst, aren’t they? If you have wall space that isn’t already taken up by cabinets, setting up a few parallel wall shelves can help you store dishes and drinkware without the trouble of building an entirely new cabinet.

These are a few suggestions, but really the goal is the same no matter what—low-profile wall shelves can help improve the shelving in any room you need, no matter how cramped.

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