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Sometimes it seems like no matter how nicely organized your entryway is, there’s always something you’re stuck scrambling to find in the morning before you leave the house.

Keys, phones, sunglasses, wallets—no matter what you need to be able to leave the house and get on with your day, it always goes much more easily if you have a place to keep it. And while some entryways are large enough to get stocked with entryway storage furniture, not all of them have that kind of space—and if that’s the case, what are you going to do?

We think the answer is pretty clear: accent furniture! With living room accent furniture, you can easily create a ‘launchpad’ in your entryway to help you gather your stuff and get out the door faster than ever before. Here’s a few of our favorite uses for accent furniture in the entryway:


Bookcases: Bookcases are much more versatile than their name might initially lead you to believe. If your front room doesn’t have a divider or table space of any kind, setting up a tall vertical bookcase can help you better use things like mail organizers to sort through the bills, as well as holding onto things you might need to grab as you fly out the door like laptops and school books.


End tables: Similarly, putting end tables right by your door can create a quick grab-and-go spot for everything you need to take with you. Get in the habit of leaving things like wallets and sunglasses right up top, and use the space created by the legs underneath to give your backpacks and purses a safe place to go where you (probably) won’t forget them on your way out the door.


TV stands: If you have even more space to work with, a TV stand can be a good flat surface for storage too. Keep keys, mail, and wallets on top while using the underneath for storage of things like hats, gloves, and other ‘extras’ you might not need every day. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even line the top with plastic storage bins for everyone in the family to have their own place to store things.


Chests: Most living room chests are short enough and offer enough storage space to become useful in the entryway too. The drawers can be staggered to hold everyone’s gloves, purses, and the like, and the top can become an easy home for things like mail and sunglasses so you don’t lose them as soon as you walk in the door. (Not that this has happened to any of us, surely!)

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