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Imagine for a second, a kitchen without any cabinets—terrifying, right?

But for many people in smaller dwellings (or anything built with a more ‘modern’ sensibility), this nightmare is a reality! A lot of kitchens these days have eschewed the traditional design of kitchen cabinets to offer more open wall space.

These bare walls are a blessing and a curse. The open design allows for greater customization and a more aesthetically ‘open’ feeling, but it does have the downside of taking away nearly all of the storage space a kitchen normally offers.

You’re probably picturing this in your head and imagining just how much stuff gets crammed into drawers as a result of this dilemma. The solution may not be as inconvenient as you fear, and all it takes is a little imagination (and some floor space)!


Rolling carts: One of the best solutions to a lack of cabinet space is mobile kitchen storage! Mobile kitchen carts can offer storage for things like cutlery, pots and pans, and even plates in a way that’s easy to move around the kitchen. Store some pans on there to easily roll over to the oven when you start cooking, and then wheel the cart back over to your table to set plates out for dinner time when your meals are ready.


Pantry organizers: We know what you’re thinking—‘what am I supposed to do with pantry organizers if I don’t have any darn cabinets?’ A fair question, but hear us out. If you have open countertop space or space on a nearby shelf, pantry organizers (such as standing shelves) can be an easy way to double your usable space and get better organized than you were before.


Bins in drawers: If any of your kitchen drawers are on the deeper side, you could use home storage bins to separate everything. Keep produce, bread, chips, and even zipper bags and aluminum foil safely tucked away in their own individually-labeled bins and keep easy access to everything you use day-to-day.


Wall shelves: If your lack of cabinet space has left you with some room on your walls, you could use wall shelves to fill up that space. Set up some floating shelves or wood shelves on your kitchen walls to safely stack up pots, pans, and plates—just don’t put them up high enough where it becomes a safety hazard!


Just use the oven: Look, if you’re really in a pinch, just keep your bigger baking trays and pots in the oven (when it’s not in use, obviously). Nobody’s going to look in there, and it’ll be like when you were a kid and you’d cram everything into your closet so you could tell your mom you were done cleaning your room.

(We’re sort of kidding with that last tip. Sort of.)

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