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Home offices can get cluttered more quickly than you might expect.

There’s all the home office furniture to move around, there’s things like laptops and tablets that need to be put away (not to mention all their assorted cables and chargers), and no matter what you actually do in your home office there always seems to be a ton of paperwork, binders, books and stuff that piles up.

So the question then becomes just what are you going to do with it all? As home offices tend not to be the biggest room in the house, you frequently need to get a little creative with your storage options—and there’s where wire shelves can come into play!

Wire shelves are a versatile solution that fits into small spaces like home offices without a ton of space to give over to larger storage solutions. Here’s a few ways wire shelving might help your home office get more organized:


Desk surface: In areas without a lot of space to be dedicated to a full-sized office desk, such as smaller guest rooms or spaces in other rooms, desk space might be hard to come by. By using smaller wire shelves such as 2 shelf wire shelving units, wire shelves can become a combination desk and storage area to keep things like needed books and laptop chargers underneath. Lay some shelf liners down to create a solid surface and get a new home for your laptop!


Wall storage: For many home offices, floor space is hard to come by—but wall space isn’t! For larger items like books, software boxes you need to keep, paper records, and the like, wall wire shelving can be a helpful way to store things up off the floor without cluttering up the room further.


Bookcases: Whether for paperwork, how-to guides, inspirational tales, or just a few of your favorite books for decoration, home offices tend to wind up collecting a lot of books. The problem with traditional bookshelves is that they can take up a lot of space. By using thinner, taller wire shelves like three shelf wire shelving or four shelf wire shelving units you can add plenty of room for book storage without filling the room up and taking away a lot of floor space.


Corner storage: Corners tend to be the most unused part of any room, but this goes double for offices. If you don’t need to use your corners for tall lamps, try putting up some wire corner shelves to get quick access to things like extra notepads, laptop/tablet/phone chargers, or to quickly store your laptop bag so you always know where it is before you head back out to your other office.

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