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Whether due to room layout, space concerns, or simple convenience, many rooms in our home wind up with a lot of stuff on the floor.

Not even stuff that’s just strewn about randomly, but on-the-floor storage solutions like boxes. While these are fine solutions in certain rooms, in most parts of the house it can take up valuable floor space, creating clutter (and in some cases, tripping hazards) in spaces where it shouldn’t be.

While there’s a lot of places in your home that could do without floor clutter, there’s three places in particular that would benefit from no longer using floor storage:


Living Room: We’ll start with the biggest one. The average living room has enough stuff in it—between living room furniture like couches, chairs, and coffee tables—that storing things on the floor tends to make it look overly cluttered and can get in the way of other things you might need more than that box of magazines.

Generally speaking, if you have something being stored on the floor in the living room, it can probably fit somewhere else with a little imagination. Take a look at the things you’re storing on the floor and see what can be moved. Could that bundle of cables be stored in your TV stand instead of under the coffee table? For all those books boxed up or just stacked up in the corner, do you have bookshelves they could sit on? If not, are you ever going to read them or can they get donated—and can you donate any of your older books as well? Use a little imagination (and extra shelves as needed) and you can find a new home for everything.


Kitchen: Not only does floor storage in the kitchen clutter up your space, it can also create a safety hazard for anyone trying to move through the kitchen while holding a plate or a hot pan.

Whatever you have to store in your kitchen, wall shelves are frequently the way to go as they can provide safe storage up away from the crowd and the heat of the oven. Kitchen carts are a great (and mobile) solution for storing things that wind up on the floor like bigger pans and bottles of wine—this way you can keep them at reach without cluttering up the floor space in your kitchen. Remember to keep safety in mind and try to avoid counter clutter or floor storage to give yourself plenty of room to work safely.


Garage: Now we know what you might be thinking: “but I have a ton of stuff on the floor in my garage!” And that’s perfectly fine! There’s plenty of things in the garage that really can’t go elsewhere, like lawnmowers and snowblowers.

But when you let things start to pile up on the garage floor, you can start to run into trouble. Garages tend to be home to things you don’t want stored, like excess moisture, dirt, and little visitors like insects and rodents. Even if you don’t have a ton of space for storage, setting up some garage shelves can help you keep things off the floor like paint buckets, storage bins, and those massive bags of driveway salt we always buy around wintertime. If you have wall space, you can use things like garage wall storage to hang onto longer items like shovels, sports equipment, and the other awkward items that tend to accumulate on garage floors and in corners.

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