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We all have a hard time getting ready in the morning, but for some of us – namely kids – that morning hustle can be a little more difficult.

Sometimes kids just need the right nudge to get dressed in the morning, especially if they’re at the age where they’re at school and want to show off their favorite outfits. Amidst all the other hustle and bustle in the morning, few things can grind the morning routine to a halt faster than someone not being able to find the perfect t-shirt they wanted to wear that day.


An easy and potentially fun solution to this problem is to start planning outfits ahead of time! By sitting down with your kids on Sunday and figuring out what they want to wear each day of the week, you can save a lot of time and heartache when the morning comes and everyone needs to get ready.

Get together with your kids and pre-plan a few outfits for the week. Make sure they’re all weather appropriate (as kids seem to enjoy few things more than insisting they can wear shorts year-round) and fitting for whatever the day’s activities may entail, and then make sure they can easily access them.


This is where the closet organization will start to come in. Depending on how easily your kids can access their closets, you may need to start organizing these outfits in a way that kids can get to them more quickly and easily. Kids who can’t quite reach the hangers too easily on their own, for example, may need plastic storage bins or even kids lockers filled with each day’s outfit that they can easily access and comb through. Slightly older kids who can reach the hangers by themselves could use some wire closet shelves to help store each of their outfits either on shelves or being hung up for faster access.


Of course, the methods you go with will largely depend on the needs of your kids. Will your kids need shelf labels to help remember which clothes are worn on which day? Can the entire outfit be stored on one hanger, or will you need to keep pants and shirts separate? Talk to your kids and see what would be most helpful for them before you commit to a system.


And speaking of talking to your kids, one of the best ways to ensure this whole process goes smoothly is to keep them involved. After a certain age, kids will start to worry a lot more about how they dress and what they look like, and they’ll probably want to have at least a bit of input into their daily outfits. Get together with each of your kids Sunday night and work with them to pick out whatever they’re most excited to wear. It will let them feel like they have some more control over things (kids always love being involved), and help avoid struggles over their clothes down the line.


Imagine, a Monday morning with less confusion than normal. You’ll be glad you did it.

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