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No matter how you store your clothes, or even how many clothes you have, it feels like the question is eternal: “Do I want to fold this or hang it up?”

 While it may initially sound like a simple question of closet organization, the proper storage can actually go a long way towards prolonging the life of your clothes. Certain things just last longer and look better when hung up, whereas some fabrics need to be folded and stashed away for better longevity.

Since spring cleaning is right around the corner, and you’re probably going to need to take a long look at your wardrobe anyway, here’s a few staples of any closet and how we think they’re stored best:


Dresses: Dresses should absolutely be hung up to avoid creases or other damage to the lighter fabric they tend to use. Most dresses have those little clear straps sewn into the back for a reason – use them with your best hangers to keep them off the floor and safe from wrinkles.


Sweaters: Sweaters are kind of tricky, as the best storage will really depend on the shape and material of each. Heavier sweaters, such as the really bulky ones you only pull out during wintertime, should be folded up, as the increased weight will eventually begin to stretch and damage the fabric. Lighter sweaters or cardigans can be safely hung up to prevent wrinkles and keep them easily accessible.


Dress pants: This one may be something of a surprise, but dress pants should be hung up to prevent wrinkles. The lighter material of most dress pants and trousers wrinkles much more easily than jeans or even heavier khakis, and since you’ll want to be looking your best whenever these come out of the closet, you’ll want to make sure they’re hung up safely.


T-Shirts: Yes, some of us were raised to think t-shirts could be hung up in the closet right alongside everything else, but this probably isn’t the best use of closet space. Most t-shirts are much more at home in a dresser drawer, safely folded away (or rolled up if you’re about that Marie Kondo life), as the denser material can stand the folding better than other more delicate garments.


Dress shirts & blouses: …such as these. Similar to the dress pants example above, dress shirts, blouses, and similar fancy tops tend to be made out of lighter material that’s more wrinkle-prone. Let gravity help you fight these wrinkles by using hangers!


Jeans: No, we know Michael Scott dry-cleans his jeans, but you don’t need to be quite so, uh, strict about them. Go ahead and fold these up – the tougher denim material can take the punishment, and you’ll save yourself some valuable hanger space.


Surely this is but the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully this list can help you better figure out what you need to put away and what you can hang up to save some space in your closet.


And if you do need a little more closet storage or extra bedroom dressers to help keep everything organized, The Shelving Store is always here to help!

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