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locker in kids playroom

Whether they’re in there stomping around with their favorite toys, playing their favorite video game or board game, or just sitting quietly and coloring, the playroom can be a pretty vital place for kids while they grow up. It helps them get used to other spaces aside from their bedroom and can provide an important sense of security – and better yet, it gives them a place to play!


But where there’s kids, there’s bound to be messes, and the playroom is no exception to this. If you feel like your kids’ playtime is hampered by poorly organized toys, or if you’re just sick of having to be careful not to step on Legos everywhere you go, we’ve got some tips and ideas here to help get your playroom under control:


Set up ‘zones’ through the room. One of the easiest ways to organize a playroom is to divide it into different zones for different kinds of play. This will both help give your kids room to do whatever they like, and help you keep it all clean later! These zones can be changed up depending on how (and what) your kids play, but we recommend at least trying to start with an open floor space area, a ‘quiet’ area (maybe with a small desk if your kids are the type to draw or write stories), and a ‘noisy’ area (for all the bigger, louder toys).


Get rid of anything they don’t play with anymore. Now this might be easier for some kids than others, but as kids grow and their tastes change, you’re probably going to wind up with a lot of toy they’re not too interested in as they get older. Take some time to sort through their stuff to see what they don’t play with anymore and what they’d be okay with giving to charity, and drive it all down to your favorite thrift store to let some other kids have a turn with it.


Look under the bed/couch. A lot of playrooms have a small bed, couch, or futon for naptime or lazy days, and this space can be used just the same as the room under the bed in your kids’ rooms. Get some small storage bins and slide them under the bed to hang onto smaller toys like building blocks or action figures, or maybe even board games to keep all the pieces together, and get your kids in the habit of putting everything right back under the bed when they’re done!


Get some bookcases. Whether for toys, games, or…you know, actual books (since, let’s face it, your kids have way more time to read than you do these days), playrooms can always benefit from bookcases. An easy way to keep everything together is to color-coordinate – most kid’s books have pretty colorful colors, so you can put the red books with the red books, the blue books with the blue books, and so on!


Play dress-up. Kids of any gender, particularly younger kids, work in a lot of costume changes during their playtime – firefighters, princesses, maybe some combination of the two – so it’s good to keep some space aside for their various outfits. You can easily set up some closet storage in a corner of the playroom to keep these outfits nearby when they decide they’re going to go around the house dressed like their favorite professional wrestler or whatever they fancy.


Use the back of the door. Over the door storage doesn’t have to just be for closets and pantries – by hanging one up in your kid’s playroom you’ve got a perfect space for dolls, plush toys, action figures, or whatever else they’re going to reach for a lot that doesn’t need to stay on the floor when they’re done. (Just remind them to put it all back!)


These are just a few early examples, but the important thing is to use your imagination – and get your kids in the habit of cleaning up after themselves!

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