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“Having a closet” is something a lot of us have taken for granted. Most houses have one, even if they’re not the biggest in the world, and they’re always nice to see when you’ve got coats to hang up and owner’s manuals (that you’re never going to read again) to stash away.


But what about those of us that don’t have closets? Believe it or not there are some houses that never got that far for whatever reason, and as a result you might be left scratching your head trying to figure out where your wardrobe is going to go.


No need to fear! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and The Shelving Store is here to help you find new places to keep your clothes when you don’t have access to a closet anywhere.


Double Down on Dressers

Without a closet, you’re obviously going to be pretty short on usable storage space. One of the most immediate ways to approach this situation is to get a few bedroom dressers and use them as smartly as possible. Find one or two that will fit in your bedroom and organize each drawer to maximise the amount of space you have to work with; each type of item can get its own drawer, arranged by seasonality or need, and try to fit everything in there without cramming it in and wrinkling everything.


Rack It Up!

But what about your stuff you need to hang up, like coats, dresses, and sweaters? An easy way to bring in extra hanger space is to use a clothing rack to create a devoted space in your room (or somewhere else in the house that has the space) for things that shouldn’t get folded up and/or need a little easier access.


Extra Hooks Never Hurt

Of course, you might find yourself running out of space a little sooner than usual with this method, so for smaller items like scarves and hats you can repurpose wall mounted coat hooks to drape these items up out of the way to free up space on your other clothing racks for the bigger stuff.


Look Under The Bed

It’s almost ironic – despite how often we all probably got yelled at for pushing stuff under the bed when we were cleaning up as kid, it’s actually a very good place for storage and organization, particularly when you’re lacking in closets. If your bed sits high enough, you can get some plastic storage bins to keep shoes, accessories, and out-of-season clothes tucked under your bed and out of the way. (Bonus points if you’re lucky enough to have a bed with drawers built into it already!)


Check The Back Of Your Doors

In a lot of occasions of closet shortage, shoes are a common victim of disorganization. But even if you don’t have closet space, you should have plenty of doors in your home that you can use the backs of! Get some over the door storage to hang onto whatever smaller items you have that would have gone in the closet, if you had one.


Don’t Be Afraid To Cover Up

Of course, one of the nice things about a closet is that it gives you a place to keep things private – not everyone needs their entire wardrobe out in front of anyone that can come see it, do they? If this is you, you could easily string some long fabric up between two corners of your room to create a makeshift curtain to protect your wardrobe from open view, and maybe give yourself a changing room if you’ve got the space.


Hopefully these tips will prevent you from having to move into a new house just to get to the closets!

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