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Picture this: after discovering you or a loved one has a cut or headache that needs attending to, you realize what an absolute mess your medicine cabinet is.

Of course, that’s presuming you even have a medicine cabinet. A lot of modern houses or rental properties are built without a medicine cabinet at all, leaving your bandages and antacids to get lost in the shuffle of everything else below your sink.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, though! There’s things you can do to help get your first aid supplies in a place easily reachable and use them as you need, no matter how hopeless it may look.


The first step, as it so often is with projects like this, is to start from scratch. Take everything out of your medicine cabinet (and we do mean everything) and give it a look. Do you not take that brand of cough medicine anymore? Are those Band-Aids with the Pixar characters starting to lose their stickiness? Is this a bottle of antibiotics from that strep throat you caught in 2013? Toss it all out!


Now, with a clean slate, we can really get to the good parts. The next step should probably be separating everything by type. Not all medicine handles the same issues—facial toner won’t really help for a skinned knee, and Beano isn’t going to be much use for the flu. Divide all your medical products up by type and usage to figure out where everything should go.


Next, establish a first aid kit. Some of the most priority items in your medicine cabinet are going to be the stuff you reach for in the event of scrapes and burns, and you need them all together and easily obtained. Grab a plastic storage bin or similar small container to divide your most needed first aid tools and keep them right up front, under the sink or out in the open on bathroom wall shelves where you can grab them without thinking.


From there you’ll want to consider paring down to the essentials. A lot of stuff that winds up in medicine cabinets or stored under the sink can actually work better somewhere else. Face wash, soaps, and excess shampoos can be safely kept in a shower caddy so you can actually get to it, you know, in the shower. Cosmetics, facial lotions, and the like should probably be moved to the bathroom sink counter or on over the toilet shelves for easier access. This will free up room for the actual medicine in your cabinet, be it first aid or otherwise.


Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to prioritize by shelf space. If your medicine cabinet has shelves for everything, you’ll want to keep likes with likes and make sure you can get to everything. Shaving cream and razors on one shelf, toothbrushes far enough way to stop them from getting gross, deodorant up with the makeup brushes, and so on. This will stop things from becoming a mess later because you’ll know everything has the home it needs, and the easier access will be a blessing during your next big morning rush.


Have you cleared out your sink cabinets or medicine cabinets recently? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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