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A recent trend we’ve started seeing is the use of slanted shelf bookcases in the home.

Thanks to their unique design, they’re capable of storing and displaying items in a more dynamic way than standard home bookshelves and can add a unique touch to any room they’re kept in, no matter what they’re being used to store.

Looking for some inspiration on how to use these shelves in your own home? We’re glad you asked:


Bookshelves: It may be obvious given their name, but these shelves can work in more interesting and visually-appealing ways than most bookshelves. The slanted design allows you to show off your books face up so you can better display your favorite covers. If you’re the sort who’s always buying books without finishing the last, you could use this as a way to organize your book ‘to-do’ list and separate the ones you’ve read from the ones you haven’t read.


Magazines and coffee table books: Similarly, a well-placed slanted bookcase could even take the place of your coffee table, at least in the world of storing magazines and larger books. Use the top shelf to hang onto this month’s magazines (if you’re the sort that still gets magazines in the mail—yes, some of us do!) and use the rest for larger coffee-table-style books like art collections, travelogues, and the like.


Wine storage: As a fun and cozy alternative to wine racks, slanted bookshelves can be used to store your favorite wine bottles label-out for easy access and visibility! (Just try to keep them out of the sun so they don’t spoil too early.)


Decor/collectible storage: A lot of slanted shelves provide a ‘lip’ or base at the end of each shelf to stop things from sliding off by accident, and this makes them a good alternative to showing off collectibles and decor. Family photos? Trip souvenirs? Line them up!


Records: Similarly, since we all know collecting vinyl records is back in vogue, slanted bookcases offer perfect storage for your music. Show off a few favorites up top, face-out so you can see the album art, and then line the bottom shelves with everything else (and don’t forget to rotate them so nobody gets jealous)!


Reference material: In the home office, there may come a time where you need to grab a trusty old book or manual off the shelf to help get something done. Slanted shelves provide the perfect space to keep your most-referenced books and study material while even providing a little extra space to take notes.


Do you have a slanted bookshelf in your home? Leave a comment below and tell us how you use it!

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