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washer storage

No matter how big your laundry room is, it always feels like you’re running out of space, doesn’t it?

The fact there’s a giant washer and dryer right there, hogging most of the space doesn’t do much to help, as do things like sinks and shelves. But there’s always something else that needs to be organized in a laundry room, and it can start to become a tall order to get these rooms organized.

For those of you with front-loading washers, there is some space you could utilize: the area over the washing machine! Front-loaded washers and dryers have more vertical space to work with, as you don’t need to compensate for the lid opening upward. As a result, this space can be used for overflow storage of the things you need most in a laundry room!

Over the Washer Storage Ideas for Laundry Rooms

The biggest thing to focus on is figuring out exactly how much space you have between the washing machine and the ceiling. Measure the space from the floor to the ceiling, the top of the washer to the ceiling, and then the wall space between the washer and the ceiling, as you’ll likely need all of these measurements as you go.

From there, you’ll need to find storage that can fit this space without taking away much other floorspace. We usually suggest using single shelf wire shelving lifted up with wire shelving posts that can reach up over the washing machine and let you store your needed supplies up there, like laundry soap or fabric softener. (Just remember to leave a little headroom between the end of the shelf and the ceiling so you can actually fit things up there!)

If you don’t want to rack anything directly above the washer, or don’t have the space for a full-on shelving unit, then home wall shelves work great. By using something more durable like wire wall shelving, you can use the space just above and just behind the washing machine for storage of the various things we all need to keep right by the washer.

The walls can help with other laundry storage needs, too. By using coat hooks or wall hooks, you can create space to hang clothes while they dry without taking up all the needed space with a hanging rack!

Whatever you use your laundry room storage for, we think you’ll like how much more organized it is once you use your space a little more creatively!

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