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rustic storage ideas


The ‘rustic’ look has been taking off in a big way lately – but, like all design trends, it tends to need a little help in the practicality department.

We’re mostly talking about storage. While rustic design is a great way to bring your home a little back down to earth, and go for a look that’s both classic and timeless, it doesn’t tend to factor in the fact you actually need to keep your stuff around the house.

No matter how minimalist you like to think you are when it comes to home goods, everyone needs a little extra storage space and organization in their home. If you’re going for the rustic look, here’s a few of our favorite ways to organize your home in a more natural way!


Rustic Organization Ideas


Wooden floating shelves

A big part of the rustic look is to streamline. By using wooden floating home shelves, you can keep using your walls for storage of things like books and favorite photos, without going too modern with something like metal or glass. Wooden shelves are also easier to coordinate with your existing home decor, allowing you to keep a more coherent look overall!


Multipurpose, multi textured storage

Blending textures is a big part of the rustic look, so long as they’re more natural. Think using a wicker basket on a wooden shelf, or keeping metal storage bins in a wooden cabinet. Things like shelves with baskets can solve a lot of organizing problems in the entryway or other similarly busy areas, all while adding to that ‘farmhouse’ look you’re going for.


Wooden worktables

A big component of the rustic look is replacing your more modern counter materials (stone, plastic laminate, and the like) with old-fashioned solid wooden work tables. Depending on the size of the space, rooms like the laundry room or even part of the kitchen could be given a more rustic-looking worksurface by adding wooden coffee tables or wooden end tables to the areas where you need to fold, cut, cook, or otherwise get things done.


Blended baskets

The rustic look doesn’t just stop at wood. Plain, unfinished metal is a big component of farmhouse decor, and can work wonderfully to help organize things like pantries or linen closets. Keep all your folded towels, unused seasonal clothing, and bulk dry goods in wire metal storage baskets for easier access and greater visibility.

Whatever you choose to do, as long as your new storage coordinates with the rest of your decor and helps you stay organized, it’s done its job!

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