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decanting items in your pantry


“Wow”, you’ve probably said to yourself at one point, “It sure would be nice to have a little more space in this pantry!”

It happens to all of us, and it can be hard to find a solution that works for your pantry as well as it does those nice ones we all see on Pinterest. And while it can be tough to find the right storage solution for your pantry woes, one method that’s grown in popularity lately is decanting!

 The term ‘decanting’, in this case, refers to the act of removing food from its packaging before you put it away. This goes for pre-packaged snacks and drinks as well as it goes for bulk goods like flour, sugar, and dry pasta.

With decanting, the trick is to make everything easier to organize – by removing the inconsistent sizes and shapes of the packaging it all comes in, you can institute a better system for organizing the things in your pantry, and exert a little more control over where it all goes and how you store it.

While it does involve a bit more work – after all, nobody ever really enjoys opening those flour bags – it can actually make your whole kitchen that much tidier in the long run!


Decanting & Storing Pantry Items


The trick to decanting your pantry items is to first take stock of what can be decanted. A lot of people will just look at things like sugar or coffee grounds and stop there, but there’s actually a lot more space you can free up than that!

Look into things like prepackaged snacks (granola bars, sandwich crackers), fun-sized candy bars, or even something like soda cans. The shapes and sizes of these containers are going to be taking up a lot of extra space in the pantry, and can actually make these goods easier to get to!


From there, you just need to find the right container for everything. Each of these snacks and foods will need to find a new home, and this can be half the battle when decanting your food.

Ingredients or anything not individually wrapped will need to be kept in jars to preserve freshness – this includes things like pasta, gravy mix, and other powders or dry goods. Line these jars up on your pantry shelves in whatever order makes the most sense to you (smallest to biggest, most used to least used) and make sure to rotate them in and out to prevent anything from expiring. (Shelf label holders could come in handy for this.)


Individually wrapped snacks like packages of cookies or crackers could get the same treatment – line your shelves with plastic shelving bins to keep them all tidied up. This could come in doubly-handy for kids looking for a between-meal snack, especially if you keep these bins on the lower shelves where they can get to them quicker!


It doesn’t just have to be for food, either. Beverages like canned sodas can easily be taken out of their box and kept inside pantry beverage dispensers for access, even before they make it into the fridge. Remember how frustrating it always was to try and find a home for those long, cumbersome soda boxes? Not anymore!

However you decide to implement decanting into your food storage routine, we think you’ll find it’s a great way to cut down on space usage in your pantry or cupboard!

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